LCB Week 1- Diamantes & Tarte Tatin

I’ve already been in class for two weeks???? Crazy talk!

We have learned and made so much already! Luckily I think I’ve actually lost a little bit of weight just from all of the walking! phew- at least it’s not the other way around. People at the school joke about the 5 kilos you gain. baha. ha. butter.

So far we have made….. drumroll!!

Week 1:

Diametes (Diamonds) Sable Cookies.

Diamete Sable Cookies


We learned that when you are making a cookie roll to later cut into slicing, first squeeze it into a log, and then roll it on a hard surface. If you just roll it, you will end up with an air pocket in the middle.

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin Le Cordon Bleu

With some champagne of course. yumm!!

So we actually made the pastry crust with a tart mold. And here’s the interesting thing- it’s actually just the ring, without a bottom! This helps prevent sticking. The dough is formed to the ring in a way that it stays just right. Before filling, you place it on the baking sheet, because a full tart would not hold it’s shape uncooked. Bake Bake and then loosen the sides just a bit and the ring comes right off!

For the filling, it was important that the cut apples kept their shape, and didn’t turn to apple sauce. Did you know that if your apples oxidate (turn brownish) after you’ve cooked them, then they were not cooked through. Just like pasta you want to pick up a piece, squeeze it just a bit and feel for a firm center with a bit of give kind of like al dente pasta. Also, you only want to add water to the apples if absolutely necessary to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. If it’s a juicy apple, the water probably isn’t needed and it will dilute the flavor.

The sliced apples were the hardest part. The apple peeler/corer is very different than those in the States. boy did it take me several tries. After that, you want as thin slices as you possibly can and as even as possible.

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