Le Tour de France!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve done here in Paris! I think it’s because every summer back in Texas we would watch it on TV and to see it in real life was just incredible!

I remember Rick Steves saying in one of his France shows that it’s over in a second. Ya- tis true unless…. you’re on the Champs Elysees and they do several laps!!! If I’m here next year for it, I’m TOTALLY going, to the final stage and maybe a smaller town. LOVED IT!!

We walked up toward the Champs Elysees from having a picnic at the Champs de Mars and were at a cafe eating when the planes flew over signaling the riders had come to Paris!


I also have a great love for Fighter Jets? I think it’s the noise? rumble!!

ps- dinner was fantastic- smoked salmon on a bagel with avocado and cream cheese. I want another one!!!

Tina and Anna Tour Tour Bag Molly Tour de France

The Crowd!!

the crowd

Tour Shirt

You always knew the bikers were coming when everyone started cheering. I think I looked like this guy the entire time.

Bikers omg Bikers Tour de France Bikers2

WOW! Seriously a split second and they were gone!

Peeps had some pretty ingenious viewing inventions too.. I mean look at this contraption!

Binnoculers Tour

Lone Biker Tour Standing on Buckets Tour Beer stand

We didn’t quite make it to the Arc for the show but we did see it on one of the big screens they placed along the boulevard.

Arc - Tour de France

Even the Eiffel was all dressed up!

Eiffel Tower Tour de France



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