Lost in Translation~ Funny Sayings in French

“nous” vs “nu” … (if you know French you’re probably giggling right now 😉 ). There’s “to” and “two” in English, but those are harmless. But “nous” and “nu” – sound exactly the same to me. There’s a slight intonation difference like “work” and “walk”. 😉 haha!! Er but “we” and “naked” are two pretty different words.

Now there’s three words that I always get confused –   (jaune, jeune, juin) aka. “yellow”, “young”, and “June.” They all sounds completely different and I can pronounce them all. It’s just remembering which is which. Tomato, Tomato- no no.. this leads to calling someone yellow instead of young. whoops!

Lost in Translation? Yup I’ve been there. hahaha!! Being surrounded by a language that isn’t your first, will do that to you! But it also leads to far too many interesting conversations, days and encounters. oh and lots and lots of frustration!!

For me it’s a lot of word play and constantly asking “What is that in French!” I’ve also taken to looking at a lot of kids books- which are ridiculously cute here! And a great way  to pump up your vocabulary with fun pictures and easy sentences.

One thing I’ve asked is the similar phrase in French for- it’s raining cats and dogs! Well here in France, it rains not domesticated animals, but ropes!

iDBUS, a bus service here in Europe, reached out to me about posting this cute infographic!! Take a look- it certainly made me laugh! Now I just need to figure out how to say these in French and then pepper them into everyday conversations at really weird moments. 😀

I’m sure you have a translation story of two- share it on iDBUS’s Facebook page for a chance to win a trip to London!

Sweet ass! um- Don’t take that literally.

Lost in Translation by iDBUS

Lost In Translation – An infographic created by iDBUS coach travel

1 thought on “Lost in Translation~ Funny Sayings in French”

  • Haha… I’d actually never thought of ‘nu’ and ‘nous’ getting confused but I have seen ‘cou'(neck) and ‘cul'(butt) which is one the french people love laughing at when all you’re innocently trying to say is that your neck is sore!

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