Tequila in Cupcakes? Yes!

A little tequila, some margarita mix, and yumm!! You’ve got a margarita… nah… how about a margarita cupcake? Mix in some flour, sugar, eggs, the usual, and you’ve got a delicious spiked treat to have in between jello shots. oh wait. umm

Now I don’t have a great shot… you’ll have to forgive me.  😀

eek how embarrassing!! I made these for my friend’s bachlorette party- hence the not so stellar photo… 🙂 at the request of the bride who saw me pin it on Pinterest. And it was a great choice indeed!

For the weekend, we rented a condo off of Lake Travis outside Austin. I brought all the ingredients with the sugar measured in one bag and the dry ingredients in another. We picked up eggs and butter along the way, and then whipped these up in 10 minutes flat at the condo. The most difficult part… waiting for them to cool enough to ice!

The recipe was right on with the cooking time and amount- these made 12 cupcakes exactly. The only thing I wished I’d brought was my zester for the limes to add a bit more of that flavor.

These were delicious and great fun for a party! The icing was tasty mixed with the lime on top. Maybe the way to do it, is to encourage your cupcake eaters to squeeze the lime juice on top, just like they would with the drink.

You can find the recipe and some fantastic inspiring photos of the cupcakes at Created by Diana.

And the pizza guy, well don’t worry, he only brought pizza that weekend. 😉

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