May in Paris

When I packed for summer weather because it was 80 in Texas and it ended up being 60 and rainy in Paris.

I stayed at a cute little apartment in Republique area that was ironically above a restaurant called American Cafe and across from a hospital designated as a UNESCO heritage site.


Ate cream puffs at Odette with Pia before she dashed off to attend a dance where the stage was covered in carnations- I want to be one of those dancers trampling flowers! (Check out her articles at


Pique-nique – is one of the best French words! We went tartan themed with our blankets.


Celebrated Jenni’s birthday at a piano lounge the day I got in and convinced one Tina Beana to extend her trip. Everything was black and white. They also put us downstairs in the furthest room from everyone, not that we were loud or anything. 😉


Restaurant site visiting.


When what looks like a possible oven turns out to be a microwave and you’re in charge of dessert:


There was a lot of cheese. A lot of stinky cheese 🙂


I tried all the different kinds of chocolate covered marshmallow bears. The store brand doesn’t compare to the original.


And if there wasn’t enough food I helped cater a wedding reception at the 7eme Marais for the deputy mayor of the arrondissement with Treize- an amazing cafe run by a gal from South Carolina serving true southern food. 1800 canapés + outdoor staging area + nifty do-rags.


Paris National Archive searching for ancestors for the parentals! This was record after record from the 1800s.

Inspecting the new bubble machine at La Fabrique à Gâteaux with my dude!! And scarfing down a Wetka – caramel, peanuts, chocolate ganache tart…

These are homes for insects? Seen at the garden show at Chateau Chantilly. I was just as confused as you probably are.

Fancy pants plates chez Jenni for dinner – cheese course!

Tried out my turtle look. Succeeded on all counts. 😀

And of course ate tons of pastries. Because- when in France! These are from Sebastian – Gerard on rue Martyrs.

It was incredible being back in Paris and catching up with everyone. It felt like I’d never left! And with my French being a step up from the last time- seriously makes all the difference! Woo!




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