The 20 Days of Holiday Treats: Day 8 Melting Snowmen Cookies

It’s the day to post The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap recipes! I’m so happy I participated this year.

For the cookie swap, you make cookies to send to three bloggers, and three send cookies to you! fun! I received a-mazing cookies from Tricia at Saving Room for Dessert  and Mike at Semi Sweet Designs. Check out the recipes at their blogs!

I made these fabulous Melting Snowmen Cookies! OMG they are SOOOOO cute!

They’re really not that hard and you can make all sorts of fun faces! I’m meltinngggggg!!! aghhhh!

Melting Snowmen Sugar Cookies

Start with my Favorite Sugar Cookie Dough. Roll out and cut lots of circles. I went with one that was about 3 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter. I’d suggest holding a marshmallow up to the cookie cutter to find what size you want. Leave room for plenty of melting action.

Bake the circles, while cooling make up some royal icing. I halved the recipe on the back of the meringue powder I have. Divide to make different colors- I made orange and a dark gray and left plenty of white for the puddles. Make the colored icing a bit thicker than the white icing (especially the noses) so they’ll hold some shape. You do this by adding more powder sugar. Thin the white icing, if needed, with a sprinkle of water.

Decorate the marshmallows first. It’s much easier when they’re not stuck in a big circle of icing.

Snowmen Noses

eek! Little snowmen noses.

Snowmen Faces

I can’t believe I wasn’t playing “Frosty the Snowman” while making these!

Make the puddles!

Snowmen Puddles

Attach the marshmallow at one end! Allow to dry overnight to let the icing harden.

Ah – can’t get over it. I need to make more of these! They just look to plain happy for their predicament.

Melting Snowmen Sugar Cookie

Melting Snowmen Sugar Cookies

Adapted from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Perfect Rolled Out Sugar Cookie (1/2 recipe- You could also make a full recipe and cut out other shapes to decorate)




Royal Icing (Recipe from Wilton using meringue powder, you can halve this) (Recipe from Joy of Cooking using meringue powder or egg whites. There’s also a video how-to!) (Or use the recipe on the back of the meringue powder container)


Food Coloring

Make a halved recipe of the Perfect Rolled Out Sugar Cookie Dough. Roll out and cut into circles about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter.

Mix together some Royal Icing. There’s three options in the ingredients. It’s easiest with meringue powder, but can be made with egg whites. Make a full batch if you’re wanting to decorate more cookies than the snowman, or half it!

Start with piping the eyes and noses on the marshmallows. I put the icing in plastic bags to pipe!

Then make a puddle, sticking the decorated marshmallow face on one end.

Add coal buttons to the puddle if you want! Then let dry for several hours or overnight.

Happy Holidays!

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