Memories of Paris~Running Route

Since coming home from Paris 3 months ago I find that memories will pop into my head randomly about different things that happened over the past year. Maybe it’s my way of holding on to that incredible year or a way to make sure the memories stay alive, but it could be anything from trying a Fisherman’s mint, to the jars of mustard at GDetou, or the big beautiful flowers outside of DisneyWorld that I immediately emailed a picture of to my mom wondering what they were.

Today as I was running under a brilliant pink Texas sky following the kicker of all thunderstorms (man do I love a good Texas storm!), I remembered one of my running paths in Paris. It would start by the Madeline church, my favorite church in Paris, dark with age on the  inside and columns that went on for ages.

Madeline Columns

Then down cobblestone roads to a side street lined with some of the most expensive stores in Paris. One in particular had mirrors above their primly dressed horizontal mannequins, where I’d stop to catch a peek to see if they’d changed.

iPhone Pics 8-29-13 255

Then past those large metal barrier posts and guards that would lower them for only the most special of people to enter the American Embassy. There sometimes I’d wave at the guards, or maybe a nod in acknowledgement (hopefully they didn’t think I was plotting something). 😉 But sometimes I would turn off my music and listen as they quickly reprimanded any tourists that took pictures. tehehe

I would jog to Place de la Concorde, standing in the shadow of the obelisk with the Tuilleries on my left, Arc de Triomphe down a long long avenue a droite, and behind me in the distance, La Madeline a top a flight of stairs covered with flowers.


In the Tuilleries, I’d take to the sides, running lap after lap with other runners. Gravel under foot. Watching little boys and girls push sailboats in large round fountains, gardeners trim rose bushes, and even the odd Tai Chi class. A longing glance at the Amorino ice cream stand and with the song Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons on my iPhone, I turn back ready to brave the 6 flights of topsey turvey stairs to my apartment where I’d stand in front of one of the windows catching as much of a breeze as I could before hoping in the shower.

iPhone Pics 8-29-13 347


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