Mon Nouvelle Appartement

I feel at peace in my new apartment. Even though I’ll only be here for a month and a half I’m so glad that I was able to make it my own during that time.


It’s been a rush looking for the perfect place (14 visits in 2 weeks) but it was worth the wait. The apartment is just two streets over from the magnificent Madeline. I actually really disliked this church when I first visited Paris 6 years ago. The doors were beautiful but the inside lacked the clean renovations that were going on in other huge churches. The walls are black with age, so dark you can barely see the paintings. Only the main fresco above the altar is carefully restored. When my sister visited she asked if there had been a fire in the church because it looked like soot covered the walls.

The Madeline

I think that’s why I like the church now though. Very few tourists have it on their must see list. Unlike the Notre Dame, there aren’t massive posters and TV screens plastered along the perimeter. It’s a peaceful oasis if only for a little bit from the hustle and bustle of the area.

The apartment itself is up 6 flights of winding, brutal stairs. The type where you would get nervous if there wasn’t a handrail.


When I first visited, I didn’t know what to expect. A couple of tiles were missing along the way and the wall was a bit scraped up.


But I’ve learned that you can’t judge an apartment by its stairwell or door for that matter. What’s behind could be quite the gem. 🙂

AptSlippers AptSpices AptBasket2 AptBooks

I love the apartment itself but I think my favorite thing is the view. I’ll stand by one of the five windows feeling the breeze and watching what is going on below.

AptView1   AptView2 AptView5 AptView4

Oh and I love the full sized oven too. 😀

Moving in was an experience in itself. My amazing friends showed up at 9:20 in the morning took a look at my multiple suitcases and grabbed the biggest ones. Leaving me with a rolling bag and two smaller bags. Walking to the metro was a hoot- we got so many looks. Hahaha Luckily it was a straight shot on Line 8 to Madeline. A block walk and we were there facing a 6 story walk up in what was already 80 degree heat. Who steps in though to help? The construction guys that we met along the hike up! Each one kept taking a bag to where I was left with a small bag, Kathrin had just a backpack and Tina- no bags at all! Haha

When we thanked them they said- it was the Parisian way, no need for thanks. 🙂

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