My Favorite Sites for Healthy Eating & Fitness

New years are such a good time to get back on the healthy eating track after lots of treats over the holiday. Some people are pro-resolutions, some are not! I’m neutral. If it motivates you to make a change, I say go for it! Mine oo I hate to say it because it’s so typical, is to drop a couple pounds. I’ve always had a belly (must be the butter in those treats I like to make?) I recently purchased a flex belt from and have already noticed my stomach getting tighter. Hiring a personal trainer that knows what they are doing can really help you lose the weight, I highly recommend getting a personal trainer at Sweat Equity Fitness. Not a bad jig especially since I’m leaving for pastry school here pretty soon. So goal- drop a few before the new move so my pre-pastry school weight isn’t quite as bad as my post. 🙂 🙂

We’re almost to the end of January! and now’s the time when it gets so rough to keep on to those goals. Here’s my tips for you! Hopefully they help a little bit.

1. Stick to it! Weight loss is hard, and takes consistency. But also remember that no one is perfect. One day won’t ruin your good strides but also don’t take it as an excuse to go all crazy for a couple days. Acknowledge it, then jump back in the next day.

2. Find an exercise that you like! Groupon is perfect for trying out different things in the fitness realm. I’ve gone from running, to yoga, to Camp Gladiator. It can also be as simple as walking around the block. Looking for easy options for working out in the office can really help, seeing as you will be there most of your time any way, might as well put in a few squats while you are there.

3. Exercising doesn’t mean you eat back those calories you burn. *this one is SO hard for me!

4. Drink lots and lots of water and get lots of sleep. I totally just ordered this water bottle that tracks how much you drink~so excited! I don’t care how much the guys at work make fun of me. 😉 haha

5. Eat well. Weight loss is 80% nutrition/20% exercise. Kayla diet meal planning really helps me out.

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A couple of my favorite healthy eating & fitness sites:

  • Pinterest! Look in the Health/Fitness category. I also have a Healthy Food board. oh my gosh I have so many recipes I want to try!!
  • Tone it Up! I LOVE Tone it Up. Katrina and Karena~the Tone it Up girls! The site is geared toward women. They release workouts every Tuesday, healthy recipes a couple times a week, and do nutrition/fitness challenges. I love how they promote healthy eating and are so positive. There’s also a great community full of supportive people. They also work with Self and LiveStrong Woman.

Other great resources: Cooking Light, Whole Foods, Self, Fitness Magazine, Eating Well

What are your favorite health and fitness sites?

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