My New Owl!

Say hello to my new owl!!


Since getting to Paris I’ve been dying to go to a flea market and scavenge!

Then I met Ian. Ian of The Baking Chin at school one day.

This is Ian- Hi Ian!! Making “Pain aux Raisins!”

I can confirm that he does have nice buns- raisin buns!! hahaha!

We soon started talking about bread baking (his specialty) and then dutch ovens ย and then to where said dutch ovens were bought- because as pastry students these conversations are completely normal and happen on a very regular basis.. want to talk about macaroons all dinner? onwards!!

At the mention of a dutch oven collection based on flea market buys I was super excited and immediately asked – when can we go!!

So we decided to meet at 9 at Porte de Vanves, the location of a medium sized flea market on Saturday.

At 8 I received a message from Ian letting me and Tina know he’d be late and if we could meet at 9:30 instead. Well sure! In my sleep daze I remember thinking, well this is odd (but, yay more sleep!), how did he already know he’d be late.. curious! But maybe that’s because I tend to message 10 minutes before I’m late, to tell the person I’m late…?

When Tina and I arrived we noticed a bag in Ian’s hand that contained…. two loaves of bread still warm from the oven!?! I knew we were meant to be friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

Paris flea market- ian

We went through row after row of antiques- munching on pieces of raisin bread! yumm!

Flea market-Paris

I wish I had a house to decorate!!

I ended up with a new owl and a picture frame that I have big plans for. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which will require a couple more flea market trips- ooo darn!

Paris Flea Market

At the end of our trip Ian might have said,”Wait I need to cut you a piece of bread to take home!” And then proceeded to take a cutting board and a serrated knife from his backpack…

Paris Flea Market- Cutting bread

Only pastry students… hahaha

Oh and my cool new owl.. he’s a bit heavy. Maybe a paper weight in his former life? Maybe I’ll bring him to the Champ de Mars with me to hold down some papers- if i bring papers and if there’s some wind in the air. this will take some planning.


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