My Trip to the Dentist

kUsually this is what happens when I go to the dentist…
Note: This exchange might not completely be word for word.

Dentist: Molly, you have such lovely teeth. Whenever you come in there’s never a problem.
Me: Why thank you Mrs. Dentist.
Dentist: Now Molly, the only thing I need to tell you is that you need to floss. tut tut tut… It’s super important… yadda yadda yadda
Me: I know…. I’ll floss…

And that’s exactly how every single one of my appointments has gone for the past 10 years. Not kidding. I get my teeth cleaned at Kids Happy Teeth, the Dentist comes in and checks things out, she reprimands me for not flossing, I promise to floss, and I leave on my merry own way – following the standard tips for keeping your kids’ teeth strong. The end.

Well that was not the case when I went to the Beverly Hills dental implants clinic two weeks ago. We cleaned teeth and learned the difference of waterpik vs flossing, chatted about culinary school. While I nodded and grunted. We took x-rays. beep. and then, tragedy struck. The hygienist looked at the x-rays. Looked at me. Looked back at the x-rays. For a long time. And said, “Molly, hm, we might need to bring you in for a follow up visit.”

Now those are words you never want to hear when you are at the dentist. It makes you imagine painful nighttime toothaches and calling my emergency dentist in Perth at 3AM while in excruciating pain, neither of which are pleasant images. The hygienist explained that she thought that a sealant had cracked and would probably need to be repaired. Since the Dentist wasn’t in the office that day I would have to come back so she could give the final say. Little old ignorant me didn’t think that was a big deal. Not at all. Until… I was sitting in the reclining chair two weeks later and the dental assistant was asking me if I would prefer to have gas or not.

My first question: “Um. Do I need Gas?? What are we doing today??” Gulp.

I had one cavity and a possible second on my 14 and 15 molars. Those are the ones on the top left at the way far back. So far back that after an hour of drilling and filling and whatever else, your mouth is all stretched out and you don’t want to come into contact with anyone for the next couple of hours.

The second cavity was INBETWEEN my teeth. I had no idea that could happen. Now, I’m  actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Curious one that I am had to see more, so went on to find pictures of before-and-afters like mine. Mine was definitely not one of the worst, glad to say I am a good brusher at least.

Now, I won’t bore you with details of the drilling, filling and the bulk bill dentist invoicing I had to endure, but I will tell you that during this lovely encounter my Dentist and her assistant Olga (yes really, I didn’t believe it either even without the gas) were chatting. What did they chat about? My dog. That’s cool but I might have a possible dognapper on my hands. and my baking…

“Molly if you ever need anyone to try any of your sweets, we’ll be taste testers. We brush our teeth three times a day, floss, and rinse with mouthwash making us your best trial candidates. You might have been asked before by other people but you won’t have to worry about harming our teeth if you bring them to us.”

That’s right. My dentist from and Olga were offering to eat whatever I made because they take care of their teeth.

That was their bargaining chip. That and two free xrays.

Maybe it was a subtle hint…

The first thing my mom asked when I came back, “now, did you lose your sweet tooth?”

7 thoughts on “My Trip to the Dentist”

  • I'll one up ya'. My uncle is my dentist. My mom gets calls to the house and my aunt always relays messages from him that he is waiting for me to have them over for another dinner. And dessert.

  • Ahhhh!! My worst nightmare! I strongly dislike going but I go every 6 months to set a good example for my boy…darn children!! I have already clenched my jaw just reading about drilling and filling!!

  • Funny, I hate doctor drill and fill. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. I say, keep the sugar coming. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  • I love your story, dear. I make it a habit to visit my dentist regularly. Sweets are okay as long as you take it in moderation and always brush your teeth afterwards. And oh, don't forget to floss.

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