Not Blueberries… but Blueberry!

Two weekends ago, my parents surprised me with two(!) blueberry bushes!! ah! We’d gone to the gardening store the weekend before, made it to the checkout with a blueberry bush to be let down by a very long saddening tale from the clerk that went along the lines of special soil, and …  there must be two. Blueberry plants have to have a friend because they don’t pollinate on their own! Well darn! The next weekend they went to another gardening store and found, low and behold, the perfect blueberry bushes!! woohoo! They sit on our front porch and I check them daily. For blueberries :-). And today there was one very bea-utiful blue blueberry! oh happy day! 🙂 It went straight in my mouth. I can’t wait till they’re 10 feet tall.

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