Ode to Central Market

Central Market is one of my favorite stores! Don’t make fun! I could spend hours walking the aisles and checking out all the interesting fruit, veggies, and other neat things. Well I actually do. Currently I’m working my way through the granola section (French vanilla almond is my favorite). A shopping trip there turns into an adventure. Just look at the different types of fruit they brought in for the Citrus festival- including pink lemons, Buddha’s hand, and golden limes. Top pastry chef David Lebovitz did a great write up about it in his blog when he visited the store to teach a class last month.

Their radio commercials are awesome and full of witty food jokes that would make any foodie giggle. They are the only one’s that I actually turn up instead of changing the station. Now when you read this you have to imagine that an old professor type man with a slight accent is saying this.

Do you love chocolate like really love chocolate?
Have you ever dipped chocolate into more chocolate?
When you say your life is like a box of chocolates, do you mean it literally?
Ever whispered semi-sweet nothings?
Does nobody know the truffles you’ve seen?
Souffle or not Souffle? Is that even a question?
Do you find it impossible to be neutral about Swiss chocolate? What about Belgium?
Ever told your loved one to wake you up before they cocoa?
Are you Really into chocolate?
If the answer is yes, come to the annual Chocolate Festival at Central Market.

Today is the last day for the Chocolate Festival. If you live near a Central Market, I would totally recommend going even if it’s only for the free samples. Because those are the best part right? Just avoid the bacon chocolate. yuck! The vendor’s pack up around 5 o’clock. Enjoy!

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