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You know those super cute little things that just make you smile.. well this is one of them. Just wanted to share some videos I’ve been watching by Olive Us, a family video series filmed in the countryside around their French farmhouse or in the beautiful deserts of Utah.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge or Little Red Riding Hood. I love the ending of this one because they are eating Galettes! Something I know oh so much about now. 😀 haha And it’s read by the little girl in French. Terribly cute.

 And then the video I think I’ve shared before, Betty in Paris! This is actually how I found Olive Us aka “All of us.”

I could seriously share these all day.. but here’s just one more!! A trip to an apple farm.

I LOVE the little boy!! hahaha!

ok ok! One more, last one I promise!! It’s just too cute to pass up. And you’ve really only spent 10 minutes watching these videos, so might as well watch another one. 😉

And then if you just haven’t gotten enough- because I’ve seriously been watching them all day, you should watch:

Buying Eggs from a Petite Ferme

How to Visit a French Bakery

Garden Day

Learning to Play Petanque


Happy Friday! 😀 Bon Week-End!

2 thoughts on “Olive Us”

  • Oh my gracious, these just couldn’t be any cuter! Half my family is teachers – I’m going to send them around so that maybe the French teachers at their schools can use them. Precious!

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