On The Street Where I Live! Bonjour Paris!

Apartment Street-Reduced

It took about one crazy year and eight packing attempts but I’m here!!!! Bonjour Paris! The flight went well besides the sniff sniff is that the French person in front of me? I wasn’t able to sleep – fail! So I’m in a little bit of a daze right now but absolutely determined to go to bed around 10pm tonight to beat the jet lag!

Customs was crazy easy- I walked right up, waiting maybe two minutes for the couple in front of me to finish then it was my turn. A quick glance at me and my passport and stamp! I was good to go! Bienvenue! Not even a look at my visa. You get your bags after going through customs (thank goodness) and mine were gosh what seemed like the last bags to come through. Both had “heavy” tags attached. I loaded those puppies on a luggage cart and met Alex right outside the baggage claim to catch out shuttle. I wish I had taken a picture when we were driving in! The driver took us down a long boulevard with the best view of the Eiffel tower!

The apartment is SO cute! Pics coming after I’m fully unpacked. The landlady’s friend met us in the staircase area and showed us around the tiny apartment. She was so glad Alex was there because she had been worried about speaking English with me despite here French to English dictionary which she giggled then showed to me. She’d even stocked the kitchen a bit with a fresh baguette, a bowl of fruit, jam, butter, and juice!

A quick visit to the market where we were so glad the jar of olive oil we dropped was plastic, not glass! And ogled the liver in the meat section and fancy foie gras packaging. Lunch at Les Piquets – a burger for Alex and chorizo stuffed chicken for me (ok maybe more Spanish then French but there’s plenty more times for French food!).

Now I’m just trying not to fall asleep with the soft pitter patter of rain in the background and French jazz on the radio. Must not give in!

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