The Online Pastry School baking membership is where home bakers come to have fun baking French pastries, challenge themselves with new recipes, and get creative in their kitchens

Enjoy new recipes every month

With both live and recorded classes, you’ll always have a new recipe to dive into

Have fun in your kitchen

Get creative with new twists on timeless classics and step-by-step lessons that make baking a blast

Become everyone’s favorite baker

Croissants, pain au chocolat, & galette des rois, oh my! Your friends and family are going to love what you bake

The Online Pastry School has everything you need to make your favorite French pastries at home.



Monthly Baking Themes

Take a peek at the Baking Syllabus below to see what we’ll be baking together every month

Each month we’ll be baking French pastries around a theme!

Whether we’re putting a spooky twist on desserts for Halloween, making love-inspired treats for the month of February, or whipping up all the classics for the winter holidays, you’ll have recipes at your fingertips to celebrate each month’s theme.

Professionally Recorded Classes and Accompanying Live Baking Sessions

With multiple new classes available every month

We have a wonderful variety of both live and recorded classes in the Online Pastry School baking membership.

Every month, you’ll get access to professionally recorded pastry classes based on the theme of the month and accompanying live classes to experience making the recipes live on Zoom with me.

Whether you prefer a live experience or one you can rewind, there’s something for everyone.

Special Guest Experts

Dial up the fun by joining our live classes with special guest experts.

This year our guest experts will be wowing members with classes like:

How to Make Savory Aperitif, hosted by an amazing Le Cordon Bleu trained guest chef
An award-winning wine expert will be sharing how to pair wines with your favorite desserts
French Pastry Eating Etiquette, hosted by a Versailles friend and marvelous etiquette expert

…and so much more!

An Amazing Baking Community

Including Monthly Baking Challenges to win prizes

Enjoy our members-only community where bakers share wins, cheer each other on, and showcase their latest and greatest creations all year long.

Ask questions, tag Molly for her feedback, and get endless inspiration for your next bake.

Plus, participate in (optional) monthly Baking Challenges to win prizes!


The Online Pastry School Baking Syllabus

Every month, you’ll get access to professionally recorded French pastry recipes and accompanying live classes to make the recipe with me live on Zoom. If you missed the live class— no stress! You can always access the live class recordings once they are posted!
June to August 2024

Theme: Bake and Chill for Summer

During summer months, we’re all about kicking back, relaxing, and eating delicious desserts.

Enjoy amazing surprise guest expert live presentations, catch up on the recordings you missed during the year, and make (or re-make!) your favorite pastries for your friends and family.

*Note: No new recipes will be released during summer to give you time to re-make your favorites or catch up on all the bakes you missed during the year!

October to January

What We've Made So Far

October 2023:

The theme was "Fall Bakes and Halloween Fun," so we made Pumpkin Flan and Merveilleux Ghosts. 

November 2023:

The theme was "Savory Aperitif," so we made Filled Autumn Gougeres, Carrot Curry Pinwheels and Radish Salted Butter Tartines. We also had a Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef guest presenter who showed us her favorite savory appetizer.  

December 2023:

The theme was "French Holiday Bakes," so we made a Buche de Noel and Nonnettes de Dijon (Pain d'epices). 

January 2024:

The theme was "Marie Antoinette Tea Party," so we made Princess Cake, Pistachio Raspberry Madeleines and Marble Financiers. We also had a Paris-based Makeup Artist guest presenter who taught us about Marie Antoinette hair and make-up history. 

February to May

What We've Made So Far (Continued)

February 2024:

The theme was Chocolate Tempering, so Molly taught how to temper and fill delicious chocolates just in time for Valentine's Day. We also had a Q&A with special guest chocolate expert, Lisa Arielle-Allen. 

March 2024:

The theme was NYC Rolled Croissants, so Molly hosted a special three-day Croissant Pajama Party weekend where she taught how to make croissant dough, roll out, shape and laminate the dough, and how to proof and bake! There was also an included professionally recorded class on the Caramel Entremet. 

April 2024:

The theme was "Back to Basics: Cake Decorating & Assembly," so Molly taught how to decorate and assemble layered cakes with buttercream, fillings and floral decorations. 

May 2024:

The recipe this month was for a "Rêve d'Été Gâteau" or, a Summer Meringue Fruit Cake. It was the dreamiest kick-off to summer in the Online Pastry School!

For a list of recommended equipment click here!


Join our French pastry baking membership and indulge in sweet treats for members only

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Ready to have a ball baking with us this year?







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Bonjour! I’m Molly—

A Dallas-born pastry chef living and baking in Versailles, alongside my fearless pup, Eliott.

After moving from Texas to Paris to study pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, I fell head-over-crème-brulée in love with French pastries.

Nearly every day of the week, you can find me in my kitchen experimenting with new twists on old classics and simplifying French recipes so they’re fun and accessible for everyone!

If you want to spend some time having fun in your kitchen and baking delicious treats this year, join me in the Online Pastry School where we’ll bake together all year long. 

I’m so thrilled you are here and I can’t wait to welcome you into this little slice of internet heaven! ❤️❤️❤️



Step into my kitchen for a peek at one of our October recipes : Pumpkin Flan - One of our themed Fall bakes!

*Only available in the Online Pastry School*

Wondering if the Online Pastry School membership is for you?

It’ll be love at first bake, if…

  • You want to spend more time baking French pastries this year
  • You love experimenting in the kitchen with easy-to-follow recipes
  • You’re excited to get access to new recipes and live classes every month

Love your first month in the Online Pastry School or your money back

The Online Pastry School is a community of bakers who find so much joy in tossing on their aprons, whipping up delicious treats, and laughing together.

If you join the School and don’t feel it’s every bit as wonderful as I’ve promised in your first 30 days, simply send me an email and I’ll happily refund your purchase.



Is the Online Pastry School a monthly membership?
Yes! The Online Pastry School is a monthly French pastry baking membership with a wonderful virtual baking community, monthly baking themes, live and recorded pastry classes, and monthly baking challenges.

The school year starts up in September, but you can join at any time during the year! Because you can access all of the past live class recordings, recipes, and professionally recorded classes, you can catch up on all of the bakes, no matter what time of year you decide to join us.

It’s perfect for you if you’re looking to have some fun in your kitchen, challenge yourself with new and fun recipes, and spend more time baking your favorite French pastries this year.
What skill level is the Online Pastry School for?
All skill levels! Whether you’re new to baking or you’ve got a few ganaches under your belt, you’ll love what’s inside the Online Pastry School.

All recipes are beginner-friendly and easy to follow. Even when things get a little more advanced, I break it down so anyone can follow along. My love language is making French pastry simple and accessible to everyone!
Are ingredient substitutions available for dietary needs?
Yes! Wherever possible I make recommendations to accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan preferences. I can also make specific recommendations for food allergies (such as swapping nuts for another ingredient).

Also, if you’d prefer to make smaller bakes for one to two people, I can help cut the recipe in half (this is almost always possible!).

You name it, I’ll help you make it work!
How is the Online Pastry School different from your French Pastry for Beginners course?
The Online Pastry School is a monthly French pastry baking membership for bakers who want to have fun baking new recipes every month. There’s a fabulous mix of live classes, professionally recorded courses, guest experts, and community baking challenges to win prizes!

Think of the School as your new baking community where you can spend time doing what you love all year long: creating sweet treats in the kitchen (and eating them too 🤭)!

French Pastry for Beginners is a self-paced course for beginners who want to master the foundational skills and base recipes of French pastry. Once you master the base skills, you’ll be able to make dozens and dozens of French pastry recipes.

Think of the beginner’s course as a course you’ll complete in your own time to learn timeless baking skills and French pastry techniques.
Do you offer live baking classes outside of the Online Pastry School?
Only on special occasions! During the holiday season and at special times throughout the year we will post one-time live baking classes available to the public. (These are classes outside of the Online Pastry School Baking Syllabus.) Space is limited and these tend to sell out!
What if I can’t make some of the live sessions?
To accommodate bakers across the globe, live classes inside the Online Pastry School happen at: 7pm Paris time (1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST).

And if you can’t make a live class, no worries! All live classes are recorded and banked so you can dive in whenever’s most convenient for you.

Plus, you can always reach out to Molly with questions anytime!
Can my family attend the live classes with me?
Yes! You’re welcome to invite your friends and family into your kitchen to tune into our live baking classes together. In my view, the more pastry chefs, the merrier.
What if I want to enroll for longer than 12 months?
Every year I dream up a brand new Online Pastry School live baking syllabus, so you’re more than welcome to stick around for new treats and shenanigans next year too!

If you’re loving the Online Pastry School, you can simply stay enrolled. Your monthly or annual subscription will stay active until you choose to cancel.
How long do I have access to the material in the school?
You’ll have access to all live baking classes (and replays!), the professionally recorded baking course library, the members-only baking community, and all your member perks for the duration of your membership.
Can I cancel at any time?
Of course! If you need to cancel your monthly membership, you’re able to do so at any time. If after you cancel you’d like to rejoin us, you’re always welcome to re-enroll when we open doors again next year.
When will enrollment open again?
Enrollment for this year's Online Pastry School membership is now closed, but will open again in the Fall! So be sure to join the waitlist today so that you can be the first to hear about special deals once enrollment begins. I can't wait to start baking with you!



Laura S.

“I won’t buy puff pastry or tart dough again! Homemade is too good and not that hard thanks to the instruction and practice inside the OPS.”

Rene D.

“I would never have attempted the recipes that I now make at home. Before all I did was drool over pictures and recipes for French pastries and recipes (this was not good for my cookbooks 🤣) now I actually feel comfortable attacking the recipes on my own.”

Ashley D.

“I never thought I could successfully make any of what I was able to make this year. Friends and family said these were some of my best desserts ever and it’s all thanks to OPS and Molly’s expertise!”

Linda B.

“Now I regularly make croissants! The recipes I thought took tons of time, I realize now, are doable in a couple of hours. Fraisier, macarons, saint honore, gateau des rois… I feel fearless about making them!!”

Lisa S.

“I've graduated from box mixes to doing it all from scratch and I’m so pleased with how delicious everything is!”

Beth W.

“I’ve been encouraged to try things I never would have before. Now I look at a recipe and think, I could do that! I can also improvise and adapt so much more than I could before joining the OPS. I’m not scared or intimidated to ask questions anymore or show my work, that’s a special feeling.”

Anika H.

“I love learning such a variety of different bakes. The school allows you to learn so many different things which is wonderful.”

Christa Z.

“I always looked at French pastries and thought ‘these must be so hard…’ But Molly has taught me it’s just building on the basics and next thing you know it’s MIRROR GLAZE! I can’t wait to see what’s coming out each month. Love it!”

Cathy K.

“I can make macarons and croissants now—who would have thought?  It’s all because of the step-by-step directions! I also love that I can pull up the videos and rewatch the steps I need.”

Elaine P.

“I never thought I'd be able to make croissants as good as the ones we had in France. Delightful and delicious!”

Jackie H.

“I have made pastries, pies, and cakes that I have always dreamed of. The classes are taught step by step, and there is always time for asking questions."

Dawn D.

“The quality of the recipes in the video production is spectacular. I don’t use that word lightly.  I love how the videos are broken out in parts so that you can stop them and work on your project and find exactly where you left off. ”

Charissa R.

“Do it! You’ll never bake the same again!”

Susie R.

beginner baker
“I was always intimidated by the thought of baking anything more complicated than cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, but Molly has boosted my confidence and I'm loving everything that I'm learning. Her teaching style makes baking French pastries less intimidating and inspires a lot of confidence!”

Tera N.

beginner baker
“I never thought I would be able to make some of the things I have thanks to Molly’s classes and the online school.

With the ability to watch and rewatch the recordings over and over while making a recipe and with each step having its own section, it takes some of the stress off and gives me more confidence—especially when mine looks like Molly’s 😁”

Pamela M.

intermediate baker
“Before Molly, I tried so many times to make macarons on my own and became so discouraged. Her process is easy to follow and now they always turn out! And I'm starting to get creative with them."

Kelly H.

intermediate baker
“I found Molly in My French Country Home during Covid and thought, “Let’s give that a try!” That was 2020… Still here and never leaving!"

Jackie L.

intermediate baker
“As daunting as it sounded to me to pick up a new hobby with all the assumed mass tools involved, Molly’s video shows you only need a handful of items that don’t cost a mortgage payment or take up too much real estate space in the kitchen. Most importantly, everything is highly rinse and repeat."

Joyce H.

intermediate baker
“I also like the way the videos are set up using short snapshots in a sequence. I can easily refer back to that part. I like the details about the tools and what to buy. I froze the macarons and madeleines I made for guests I was having and they couldn’t believe that I made them. They were so impressed.”

Steph M.

experienced baker
“I’ve found that even after 50+ years of baking, I can still learn cool technique tips! Thank you for teaching us!"

Catherine W.

intermediate baker
“I can actually make French pastries successfully thanks to you!!! And it is not that complicated, you break it down into steps (days). Makes it doable.”

Mindy L.

beginner baker
“Love all of Molly’s creativity, encouragement, and wonderful classes, live/virtual and in the school. It’s really something I look forward to each month. A little treat to myself!”

Jo Ann H.

beginner baker
“Making French pastries at home is much easier than I thought it would be! Everything I’ve made has been enjoyed by friends and family.

Molly’s love for what she does is contagious!”

Christina C.

intermediate baker
“Molly makes French pastries easier than they look! It’s most helpful to be able to watch the videos more than once or rewind.”


I can’t wait to welcome you into the Online Pastry School! We’re going to have so much fun baking together







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