Paella, Hiking & Sun! Sold! My Trip to Spain.

The very first weekend I was in Paris my friend Jen came to visit. The timing was perfect. I’d had a couple of days to adjust but with a couple more days before school started, I was looking for a familiar face.

This one in fact!

Jen in Paris Merry Go Round

So when the opportunity arose for me to go visit her where she was living in Spain, I jumped on a plane! Arrived at midnight and after practicing “Hola, San Sebastian en Mijas por favor” all that came out when I talked to the taxi driver was French. Even the street name was said in a French accent. Then there was some English, then back to French. And one very confused taxi driver asking which language we should speak in.

Jen lives on one of the most photographed streets in Spain in a tinsy little town nustled in the mountains called Mijas. All the buildings are white with vibrant flowers and from each you can see the Mediterranean sea.

Be prepared. There’s LOTS of photos in this post. 🙂

San Sebastian Mijas

Mijas Street

Donkeys Mijas

The first day we went for a hike in the mountains and got way too sunburned. whoops.

Hike in Mijas

Hike in Mijas2 Mijas Mountains

If you look far to the right, you can see Gibraltar and all the crazy monkeys there. 🙂

A little chilling on the terrace getting more sunburned. unintentionally. What is it about sheets drying in the sun that is so darn cute!

Mijas Sheets Drying

There was a little late night wandering around Mijas.

Mijas at Night

Mijas at Night2

Mijas at Night3

The next day was dedicated to shopping and the beach! We took a bus down to Fuengirola hit up a couple of shops, ate little bitty sandwiches that were a euro each, big pitchers of sangria, then found ourselves at the beach. And there’ll be sun, sun, sunnnn!

Tiny Sandwiches Mijas


Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 165 Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 173 Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 179


Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 183


Then off to Marbella the next day. It was about an hour bus ride from Mijas and SO gorgeous!

Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 225   Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 221    Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 223


Paris-Spain 4-25-13 Pics 212

Que Bonita Espana!!! 🙂 Hoping to visit again soon!


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