Pastry Classes

Pastry Classes

Let’s bake the day away! Learn new tricks and nail my tried and true French pastry recipes so you can create your own gorgeous desserts. It’s all about making French Pastry fun and accessible!

I’m located in Versailles just next to the Potager du Roi (King’s Garden) and a leisure 10 minute walk from the Palace. I do classes here at the Frenchman and I’s classique 18th century apartment in a dedicated room with an antique farm table as our workspace and an alcove that was once for sculptures, but is now for displaying our creations.

I also travel as a private pastry chef and teach pastry workshops around France and at special locations, like Kate Hill’s beautiful Kitchen at Camont in Gascony.

I do custom orders from time to time as well for special events, weddings, or birthdays! (Must be located in Paris or Versailles though)

Let’s make it sweet:

  • Private Pastry Chef for weddings or events – for larger events I work with the savory chef to develop an incredible menu and experience for you. For weddings, of course, this includes the cake! 


Shoot me an email at with any questions and to collaborate! I look forward to seeing you soon, whether we’re eating cakes, making them, or both!


“Merci Molly for this wonderful day spent with the loveliest ladies. It was just so much fun!” – Pauline, Food Photography & Pastry Workshop, Paris December 2018

“Had such a lovely time today with you girls! Thanks so much for such a well-organized and inspiring session.” – Ying, Food Photography & Pastry Workshop, Paris December 2018

“Had an amazing time learning baking & food photography skills from the talented Eileen and Molly.” – Zoe, Food Photography & Pastry Workshop, Paris December 2018

“Having the opportunity to learn and practice food photography with Eileen and eat pastries made by Molly makes for an amazing Sunday!!” – Tanisha, Food Photography & Pastry Workshop, Paris December 2018

“What a magical weekend at Kitchen-at-Camont. This will be a trip to France that I will never forget. All the friendly faces, sights, sounds, smells and tastes will forever be etched in my mind … and all in the name of pastry. I baked macarons and tarts made with lemon curd, almond creme and italian meringue in a 300 year old French farmhouse in Gascony with one of my dearest friends and a group of terrific women all under the guidance of pastry chef extraordinaire Molly and in the warm hospitality of published author and cook, Kate Hill. Thank you Molly and Kate for the memories.” – Millie, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony October 2018

“I can’t believe in two days (tho long days, to be sure!) we learned how to make macaroons, pate au choux, pate brisee, rough puff pastry, pate sucre, pastry cream, ganache, lemon curd, caramel, almond cream – and then assembled beautiful individual lemon curd tarts and a gateaux St Honore. It was an inspiring and unbelievably lovely time that we passed together… If you can swing it someday, this is a wonderful fun-filled weekend pastry workshop hosted by the amazing chef Kate Hill and the equally amazing pastry chef Molly Wilkinson. – Nancy, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony September 2018

“An amazing day in Gascony visiting the local market and learning how to make tarts with Molly … and then we ate them all!!” – Anna, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony September 2018

“Omg I can make French Macarons now! Thank you Molly for this amazing weekend of lessons at Camont. I will think of you both and the fond memories of this weekend together in the countryside of France as often as I take back to my own kitchen these wonderful lessons.” – Jamie, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony September 2018