Peanut’s New Summer Doo

Boy oh Boy is it hot outside here in Texas! We’re in the 100s pretty much every day and Peanut is sure feeling the heat! We can’t walk around the building in the afternoon without absolutely dying. woo wee!

The unsuspecting haircut victim:

dun dun dun

I love the Nut’s scruffy mutt look so I actually do his hair myself since whenever I take him to the groomer’s it always looks so clean cut and well.. groomed!
Err.. I might have also been traumitized when the groomer shaved off all his hair one summer.
Peanut loved it- I cried.

Peanut goes into this weird trance whenever I cut his hair. He actually loves it because for about 30 minutes it’s allllll about the Nut!
and ta-da! I’m ready for some Texas heat!
Don’t I look smashing! Now it’s time to play! I’m one pound lighter mom!

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