Portland~ Wineries, Wine, Food:: A Celebration :: A Fling

I’ve pretty much decided that the best trips involve lots of wine, good food, and great people. 🙂

Group Shot

My friend Jen is getting married in December!! Since all of us are so spread out around the US, and because what is better than a fun trip, we all met in Portland for her Bachelorette party.

The weather was gorgeous! We missed out on the Texas heat and the rainy days of Oregon and were hit with sun and digits lingering around the low to mid 80s. Perfection!

Portland has a cool weird vibe- just watch an episode of Portlandia and you’ll get the idea. Amazing restaurants. Here’s just two that stood out: an Indian street food place called Bollywood Theater with hung lights and an open kitchen in the center. Unbelievable ice cream flavors at Salt and Straw – I would have tried all of them but settled on one scoop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Yes!) and Strawberry Balasmic. So different!

The highlight of the trip was the winery visits on Saturday- three- each with rolling hills and vines for miles. We headed out from downtown in a stretch limo with the cutest 80 year old driver named Jake or Jack. I think I called him the wrong name toward the end of the day. hahaha At one stop Jessie had the idea of rolling down the window and taking paparazzi pics- this one was totally taken when the driver was heading back from a visit to the port-a-potty. tehe

paparazzi portland

The first winery- Elk Cove Vineyards

Ashley - Elk Cove

I want to say we tried 5-6 wines. There was a fundraiser for the local animal shelter going on so dogs were all over the place. Peanut would have fit right in!

dogs-Elk Cove


Up next was my favorite- David Hill Winery. The tasting/selling room was inside a beautiful house surrounded by flowers and rolling hills.

David Hill Winery

Or maybe it was because we stopped for lunch and made by Jen’s cousin Lauren– which was cheeeeeeese!! and the best tuna salad I’ve ever had! and I don’t even really like tuna salad! I actually asked for the recipe the day after I got home and made it um about 3 hours after she emailed it. We also had tomato salad and whoopie pies- could it get any better?!

Lunch at David Hill Winery

I pretty much ended up with a massive plate of food- and promptly decided the tasting wine was not going to be enough. I mean with this view, a full glass of wine is absolutely necessary. Can I move in? I’ll bring my own squirrel chasing dog.

David Hill Winery View

The Andiri Winery & Vineyard was pretty gorgeous too with a patio area surrounded by vines.

Andiri Vineyard

Jen & Jessie

I brought out some hand models to take pictures with some cookies I’d brought along. They say “Last Fling before the Ring!” and there might be some gold bling on the bling bling. 😀

Last Fling Cookies

We tasted 4 different types of Pinot Noir and they were Fabulous!

Glamour Shot- Andiri Molly-Andiri

We could see the mountains over the vines!

Andiri Vines 2 Andiri Vineyard2

I loved Portland and being able to spend time with such close friends! So much fun! Congratulations Jen & Russell! You can invite me to drink wine any time!

Group Shot- Andiri





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