Pre-Order My Cookbook!

Pre-Order My Cookbook!

I am so so thrilled to announce that the time has come! My book, French Pastry Made Simple, can be pre-ordered anywhere books are sold! Coming June 2021, expect foolproof DELICIOUS French pastry recipes.

Each chapter starts with a core French pastry recipe (like pastry cream, simple puff pastry, and caramel) with detailed explanations and photos to help you master it. Then the rest of the recipes (50+!) incorporate these showing what you can do by knowing just a couple of core recipes. For example, by learning how to make a simple puff pastry, you can make Tarte Tatin, St. Honoré, Galette des Rois and so many other desserts. My book is an extension of my classes, making you feel like I’m right there next to you explaining the textures and what to look for as you bake. The recipes are easy and help the home baker conquer true French pastry classics (many with delicious twists…). I can’t wait for you to see it!

Amazon (Click Here for USCanada, and France)
Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)
… and wherever books are sold (like your local bookstore)! Just search my full name (Molly Wilkinson) and it will pop up!

Merci Beaucoup! I can’t wait for you to see it.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Order My Cookbook!”

  • Will it be possible to order a signed copy of your book?

    I will be in this afternoon’s class and am excited about what I will learn…or at least try to learn!

  • Yes! I’m working on figuring this out with the publisher 🙂 I’ll probably have a bunch sent to me and then will send them out from France. I’ll be doing signed bookplates too!

  • What would cost be to have personalized message for my granddaughters 13th birthday and have cookbook sent to Michigan USA? What would timeline be? Her birthday is April 28 and we plan on doing virtual class

  • Hi Kay! The book doesn’t come out until June 8th :)) After that I’ll be offering signed bookplates and signed copies on my site!

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