Caramel Chocolate Brownie Tart (Class Recording)


Decadent brownie & caramel tart with a gold-dusted chocolate topping! Gorgeous and delicious!


This live class was held on March 17th, 2024, and is valued at $45. This is for the purchase of the recording of that class.

Your purchase includes the following:

  • Lifetime access to the recipe + 2 hour live class recording
  • List of tools/equipment needed


This mouthwatering recipe was SO much fun to come up with! It features a crisp Pâte Sablée crust and a gorgeous lemon caramel center (adding lemon is optional but highly recommended), and have I even mentioned the brownie layer and decorative chocolate on top? WHEW, every step of this recipe is delicious from start to finish and I guarantee is going to be a crowd-pleaser for any holiday parties or weekend desserts!

What you will learn:

  • How to make pastry crust and form it to a tart pan

  • My favorite recipe for brownies

  • How to make foolproof caramel

  • Technique for designing the perfect chocolate decorative top

  • Decoration and make ahead tips