French Cookies With A Twist (Class Recording)


Join Molly in making three kinds of delicious cookies, some French and one with a familiar American twist! These are perfect to share and bring joy during the holiday season. Read the full description for more details on each cookie.


This live class was held on December 11th & 20th, 2022 and is valued at $40. This is for the purchase of the recording of that class.

Your purchase includes the following:

  • Lifetime access to the recipe + 2.5 hour live class recording
  • List of tools/equipment needed


Here are the three cookies we will be making in this class:

#1 Pain d’epices is a traditional sweet bread eaten during Christmas. Unlike typical gingerbread, these cookies are made with spices and a mix of honey and maple syrup inside.

#2 The Coffee Chocolate Domes du Convent cookies are an Alsatian cookie that isn’t often seen. They have a gorgeous texture kind of like Mexican wedding cookies and are so delicious with a coffee or tea. You’ll find it hard to eat just one! They’re in a fun shape and the name means “convent domes” like nuns.. Where does that come from? No idea! Normally they are just chocolate and almond, but I added coffee to the twist and it makes them SO GOOD! Psst if you don't like coffee, it's easy to leave it out.

#3 The Cranberry Orange Thumbprint cookies are a nod to my American side. These are insanely good and remind me of the cake made with these same flavors. Inside you’ll find pieces of white chocolate, orange zest, and dried cranberries.. and on top... a homemade cranberry jam.