Recently Random

– We had the most incredibly awesome storm yesterday. It latest 10 minutes. The winds were horizontal. There was hail. IT. WAS. AWESOME! Except some people’s power has been out for two days now. Texas storms!

– I’m in LOVE with these plates.

– Last week was one of the most stressful weeks in a bit. Three orders! Scones, a Champagne Birthday cake, Brownies, and Lime/Coconut tarts! And all for Thursday and Friday. A Ranger’s Baseball game right after one of the deliveries. Seeing Alex (Paris Alex!) after working at the cheese shop. So good to see her!! Here’s the champagne cake!

Champagne Birthday Cake

– My friends have gotten me into Outlander and I had the theme song stuck in my head for two solid days- “Sing me a song of a lass that was lost…” but that’s all the words I knew. At least, I think those are right?

– I’ve been practicing my French verbs in the car and I think that the audio is so loud that the cars next to me can hear. uh eh ie mange ecoute hehe

– Fall has arrived (sort of). Pumpkin’s are in the shops! Pumpkin lattes are being swigged at every Starbucks in the nation. But the weather just isn’t there yet. It’s a little chillier? But not so much. Can’t wait for boot season!

Fall-TX 2014 Fall TX 2014

– Tuesday was my Birthday! The fam celebrated a couple weeks before because my birthday, my mom’s, and my little sister’s all fall within a few days of each other!

I’m super into rosettes on cakes right now.

Birthday Cake 2014

– Darn Anthropologie and their personal stylists! That’s all I’m going to say. Especially if you’ve seen me the last couple of days. Everything is just so cute- I can’t resist! It’s bad! Bad Molly! Stop!

– I made the cutest little mini cakes with chocolate ganache and nibs on top from some leftover cupcake batter.

Mini Cakes

– My chef let me pipe the macarons!!!! Pumpkin – all 500 of them! I’ve been working for her for two months now. NO ONE besides her has piped the macarons. Until now…. And today. A batch of Hazelnut and a batch of vanilla. This lady. Right here. Piped them!! And they looked brilliant. 😀

– I found a pic from my Le Cordon Bleu graduation. ah it made me smile seeing these guys!

LCB Graduation

– Oh and I’ve been eating a lot of cheese because that’s what you do when you work at a cheese shop on the weekends.


What have you been up to?


Hope you have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Recently Random”

  • My mother is obsessed with the Outlander theme song too! Whenever the show would start, she’d get all into it singing along and generally dorking out while I sipped on my wine and rolled my eyes 🙂

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