“Thank you so much for a memorable time. The kids loved EVERY moment of it and it was hard for them to pick a favorite task. You were so patient with them and hands on, totally killed the class with them!”

-Judy, Private Family Tart Class, October 2019

“I had so much fun this morning and my box of goodies is a huge hit with everyone! I’m totally inspired and can’t wait to get my equipment and start making the little devils. Many, many thanks!”

-Hattee, Private Macaron Class, October 2019

“Where do I even begin?? You are an excellent teacher of course but I also am so appreciative of what a thoughtful and fun person you are! I feel like I learned A TON but also made a friend! I hope we keep in touch! I would love to return and bring more people to have these wonderful experiences with you. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and for being such a joy to learn from in addition to being so thoughtful after our classes with your follow up email!”

-Dominique, Private Solo Two Day Course, September 2019

“I’ve been watching #GBBO for a couple of years and it’s definitely piqued our curiosity for baking. Imagine our luck when we were able to snag a pate a choux lesson with Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef Molly. She made it so fun and accessible, I would highly recommend taking a class with her if you’re ever in Paris. Can’t wait to practice when I get home!”

-Miro, Private Cream Puff Class, September 2019

“Thank you again for such an amazing experience! Not only are you talented at what you do, you really exude something special from the heart that not many people have. It truly is a joy to have been in your classes and I know I will come again if it all possible. Also, thank you for the amazing recommendations of what to do in the area…all of them have been top-notch!”

– Janet, Cream Puff Class, August 2019

“Thank you, Molly, for such a great class today. I love to bake and I’m so excited to learn about French Baking. The macarons were fantastic and unfortunately only made it to 9pm, instead of tomorrow :-)”

– Christina, Private Macaron Class, May 2019

“Merci! That was amazing – we had pastries for breakfast and they were so good!”

– Suzi, Private Tart Class, April 2019

“Had such a lovely time today with you girls! THanks so much for such a well-organized and inspiring session.”

– Ying, Food Photogaphy & Pastry Workshop, Paris, December 2018

“Merci Molly for this wonderful day spent with the loveliest ladies. It was just so much fun!”

– Pauline, Food Photogaphy & Pastry Workshop, Paris, December 2018

“Omg I can make French Macarons now! Thank you Molly for this amazing weekend of lessons at Camont. I will think of you both and the fond memories of this weekend together in the countryside of France as often as I take back to my own kitchen these wonderful lessons.”

– Jamie, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony, September 2018

“I can’t believe in two days (tho long days, to be sure!) we learned how to make macarons, pate au choux, pate brisee, rough puff pastry, pate sucree, pastry cream, ganache, lemon curd, caramel, almond cream – and then assembled beautiful individual lemon curd tarts and a gateaux St. Honore. It was an inspiring and unbelievably lovely time that we passed together… If you can swing it someday, this is a wonderful fun-filled weekend pastry worksop hosted by the amazing chef Kate Hill and the equally amazing pastry chef Molly Wilkinson.”

– Nancy, Pastry weekend at Camon, Gascony, September 2018

“What a magical weekend at Kitchen-at-Camont. This will be a trip to France I will never forget. All the friendly faces, sights, sounds, smells and tastes will forever be etched in my mind … and all in the name of pastry. I baked macarons and tarts made with lemon curd, almond creme and Italian meringue in a 300 year old French farmhouse in Gascony with one of my dearest friends and a group of terrific women all under the guidance of pastry chef extraordinaire Molly and in the warm hospitality of published author and cook, Kate Hill. Thank you Molly and Kate for the memories.”

– Mille, Pastry Weekend at Camont, Gascony, October 2018

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