Ridiculous Cooking Job that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls Tuesdays

OK- This one is going to rock your world! eek! I’m so excited! Sorry it’s so late in the day- It’s still Tuesday though! I have a pretty good excuse- big client meeting today And! I got to go to Brownstone, Casey Thompson from Top Chef’s restaurant in Fort Worth. It was good! The funny thing is I thought the appetizers were better then the entree I had. :-/ We had about five different apps. The first was light fried brussel sprouts. I’m not a huge fan of brussel sprouts but these were delicious. The next and my absolute favorite of the night was empanada-esk pot pies – genius! I could eat three of these as my main course. There was also a warm squash casserole spread on crispy slices of bread and homemade biscuits with sausage and seasonal preserves, very breakfasty. For dinner, I had the smoked chicken pasta with housemade ricotta, fresh pappardelle pasta and braised chicken. The sauce was sweet and had a sticky texture almost like a teriyaki sauce. I wasn’t really feeling it. :-/ and I was really in the mood for a great plate of pasta. oh well!

On to this weeks Ridiculous Cooking Job that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls! woohoo!

Just wait till my mom sees this one. hehehe I haven’t told her yet. Mom- when you read this please make a comment below in the box. Thank you! haha

ok- Are you ready!?

Here’s the deal. One of my passions in life is to travel. I love discovering new cultures, food, and learning about the history of the places I visit. Part of the appeal for me of being in the culinary world is the ability people in the industry have to move around from kitchen to kitchen- always learning new things and meeting new people. This brings me to this week’s job.

Now just imagine working here….

Photo courtesy of Beach Believers.

…in Seychelles (pronounced Say-Shells), a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Southern Africa.

Photo courtesy of No Holiday No Life. There’s a great video about Seychelles on this site too.

Clear blue oceans, sandy beaches, palm trees… heaven!

Shall we move on to the job description? Are you totally excited? woohoo!!


Small, very high end, world renowned island resort, accommodating maximum of 50 guests, but usually around 30. Seeking serious (I’m serious! :-P) young (check!) pastry chefs (not yet but hopefully soon!) who are rising quickly up the career ladder, dedicated to cooking (I am so dedicated I’ll cook at 2am if you ask me to!), who want to receive worldwide recognition (wow ok! That’s a lofty requirement!) for food and have lots of potential and know-how. Might suit those seeking their first international experience (yes yes yes memeemmemememe!!!!). The island is fairly remote, but an amazing place to live. (you mean I can become close friends with the whole island, go swimming every day and have fresh coconuts any time I want!)

The Resort has concept of β€˜any menu, any venue, any time’ (hm. I can’t really see enjoying a hot tamale on the beach…They said any menu!), though they do provide a suggested a la carte lunch and dinner menu in the restaurant..  In addition there are in- villa BBQs (s-mores!), picnics and in-villa dining experiences, so a busy kitchen.

  • Assist the Pastry Chef to successfully manage the Pastry section of the main kitchen
  • Ensuring and enforcing the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation within the establishment and the designated area of responsibility
  • Relieve other positions if needed i.e. Off day, sick day or other
  • To apply all principles of cooking within Bakery and Pastry
  • Contributing to the daily menu for the shift you are required to work that day
  • Assisting in proper maintenance procedures of assets in the kitchen as used by you (ehh grimace- uh? I’m not really a whiz at fixing mixing machines or food processors but I’ll give it my best shot)
  • Outside Pastry duties, to partake in the undertaking of various different tasks as required by either the Executive Chef or another of the North Island managers (oh ok! curious what these would be. Grocery shopping?)

Candidate Requirements:
  • 2 years experience or formal training as a Pastry Chef
  • Good communication skills
  • Professional and well presented (like with a bow?)
  • High standards
  • Flexible and able to work long hours
  • Team player, but also a leader
  • Able to work well under pressure. (stress is for the weak! hahaha hopefully there’s a good masseuse on the island)
  • Single preferred. Not suitable for children. (this one made me giggle. I follow the first part but really no children? Do they realllly have to put that?!)

Salary Package – Euros 1,200 per month (neg.), tax is 10%. Expat package includes 2 annual vacation flights, shared accommodation and full board – staff bistro providing 3 meals daily, uniform and shoes provided (At that salary rate, since I dont have to pay for meals, I could have my very own boat in no time!)

You know what, since it’s Southern Africa everyone will have quite the amazing British accent πŸ™‚ oolala!

A couple more facts about Seychelles:
  • The islands are home to giant turtles.
  • There are more than 115 islands in Seychelles.
  • The temperature is between 75 and 86 degrees year round.

Can you get tired of sunny skies, palm trees, and swimming in the ocean? I dunno! But I’d be willing to test it!

11 thoughts on “Ridiculous Cooking Job that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls Tuesdays”

  • I have a friend who just visited the Seychelles! It's kinda just down the road from Mozambique…

    In another lifetime, I would totally be right there with you on the jobs. Maybe that Ranch would be worth a little vacation at least? πŸ™‚

    – Val

  • Well I would not think a second to work there..I am just imagine myself on a nice vacation everyday:))) amazing photos!!

  • WOW check that out!! How awesome would that be huh? And those photos holy cow, paradise!

  • OMG! If I were younger & a pastry chef I'd be all over that! You sure you don't want to apply? In 10 years you don't want to regret not at least trying!

  • @Christina oh totally agree Christina! I wish I had the experience to be able to take the job! I'm starting culinary school in May so hopefully I'll be able to find a job that's cool like this around then. πŸ™‚

  • If I wasn't married with three kids and still in my twenties and a trained pastry chef I would totally apply for this job! I've been dreaming for years about a vacation on the Seychelles. It looks absolutely dreamy there :o)

  • I don't want the job, but wow do I want to visit! Damn you and your photos for giving me the travel bug!

  • Definitely sounds like an great adventure … the only thing I would question is why would an idyllic place like this not be suitable for children? … I'm always the one with too many questions πŸ™‚

  • I could be persuaded to 'leave it all behind'…not really but this does look dreamy!

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