Ridiculous Cooking Job that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls Tuesdays

That’s right ya’ll! It’s Ridiculous Cooking Jobs that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls Tuesday!

What spurred this? I was doing some web browsing and started seeing all of these totally awesome cooking jobs. I told my mom about them and she thought I was nuts. Here’s the plan- every Tuesday I’ll feature a job that I’ve found that I think is way totally awesome. If you run into any in your searches that you would like for me to mention shoot me an email at ToffeeBitsandChocolateChips(at)gmail(dot)com!

Here’s the first of many to come!

I live in Texas and I love horses. No I don’t ride them to work but I work at a place that has cattle drives out front twice a day (no seriously)(and no the rest of Texas is NOT like that). I started riding English when I was in 5th grade up until when I was a sophomore in HS. Loved it! ok now how freaking cool would this job be!

Summer Dude Ranch Cowboy/Cowgirl Cooks
Summer Cowboy/Cowgirl Cooks responsibilities include:

  • Prepares hearty western meals for 20-25 hungry guests and 10 – 16 hungry staff.
  • Serves meals family style; in dining room, on front porch, at picnic tables, and on the trail.
  • Bakes enormous amounts of desserts and cookies daily. (uh totally- that’s easy!)
  • Prepares therapeutic and/or special diets (with management support) as needed.
  • Manages and maintains food and supplies inventories (shops for groceries). (I love shopping for groceries!)
  • Maintains a spotless clean kitchen, including washing dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Helps little kids get eggs from the hen-house. (I want chickens and fresh eggs!!! They would make my apt a little stinky though)
  • Helps housekeepers, wranglers, maintenance persons, and managers do whatever needs to get done to provide guests with a safe and delightful ranch experience. (delightful + ranch in the same sentence! Hells ya!)
  • Tells endless jokes and humorous stories. (does it count if I laugh all the time? I could carry a joke book around with me-maybe that will work)

There are two cooks that share the kitchen. These two people must collaborate, plan and generally get along VERY well with each other. (can one be a hot guy? :-D)

  • professional cooking experience preferred, but will consider candidates who are talented cooks and (hmmmm….)
  • can plan,
  • can manage, and
  • can relate to others in a very high paced and sometimes stressful environment.
  • Psychosis, (hm- going to have to look that one up- ok, a tad insane- yes as already mentioned by my madre in this post- indeed I fit that) with a sense of humor, is not an impediment to this job. Uncontrolled alcoholism, however, is.
  • Horse knowledge and skills is preferred, as this allows the employee to also assist with wrangling duties and get out of the kitchen every now and then and have fun! (yes!)

OMG how freakin awesome would that be! Again- my mom thought I was nuts. All she kept thinking was camp counselor. haha

It’s 2 1/2 hours outside of Denver in Colorado – gorgeous!

ok- fine they might sing around a camp fire every night and play banjos. That might be a slight downside…

You might find me in Colorado in a couple of months- just saying!

11 thoughts on “Ridiculous Cooking Job that I Would Totally Take If I Had the Experience/Balls Tuesdays”

  • "Psychosis, with a sense of humor, is not an impediment to this job. Uncontrolled alcoholism, however, is."

    Oh gosh, now we are talking! Yea, this sounds like fun.

  • Go for it girl…..If I was younger, I'd be all over this puppy. If you're this enthusiastic….Then you can do it. JMHO.

  • hahaha wait a second! This is supposed to be ridiculous jobs that I would take if I could, not potential job options for Molly! Ya'll are doing a good job convincing me otherwise! hahaha

  • What a great post! I say go for it! However, I am one who feels I need balls as well, but do it!

  • Haha! That is awesome! I love this, wonder what it'd be like day and day out though…

  • @Kimberly That was my thought exactly. One of the requirements is to wear Western apparel everyday… not sure how I feel about that. haha

  • Hahaha, great idea! Do you think the Summer Dude Ranch Cowgirl Cook gets a business card? That alone might be worth it!

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