Ridiculous Job that I Would Totally Take if I Had the Experience/Balls

It is more than time for another Ridiculous Job That I Would Totally Take if I Had the Experience/Balls. I thought the 100 degree days we’re having here in Texas would be perfectly complemented by another island job.

Perhaps this one…

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An excellent opportunity for an experienced, internationally trained (hope to be someday in France!) and seasoned (with sugar!) Pastry Chef to join this International group with one of their premium brand luxury island Hotels and Resorts and help to head up the Pastry kitchen on the beautiful resort.

The Pastry chef is responsible for all pastry production and service to high standards of quality and service and needs to have a proven track record with Michelin level or equivalent fine dining training and experience, Boutique Hotel or resort background and preferably previous working experience in island resort or similar isolated (indeed!) and challenging locations.

The role of Pastry Chef involves amongst other responsibilities:
– Regular meetings with the various chefs in the restaurant to discuss menu planning and pairing of desserts with entrée and appetizer selections.
– Testing (I’m a master taster, to make sure things aren’t posionous of course.) and evaluation of new pastry and dessert recipes.
– Ordering all supplies from various vendors and in some cases going directly to the growers for the freshest possible fruits and berries. (I love when restaurants do this. The more support with direct growers, the better.)
– Preparing a budget for the pastry department of the kitchen in conjunction with the management and the other chefs. (er. I’m definitely not good with budgets)
– Supervising the various apprentice and chefs in training in the pastry kitchen.
– Providing training, education and even community classes on pastry and dessert making. (hello! fun!)

Ideal Candidates will have excellent pastry and management skills plus:
– Fluency in English (oh this is a easy check!) and a good understanding of a European language would be an advantage.

Personal attributes/Personality:
– Producer of consistently quality service
– Strong leadership and man management skills (hmmm…)– Innovative, resourceful and adaptable
– Flexible; Previously similar remote Island location a benefit
– Strong coaching & counselling (??) skills; Strong team player
– Excellent training & communication skills, Very high standards, Good administration skills

How fun with this job be- Pastry on an island! I bet there would be lots of fruit tarts and mango ice cream. yum!

As always, if you run across a totally awesome job drop me an email at toffeebitsandchocolatechips(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Job that I Would Totally Take if I Had the Experience/Balls”

  • Sounds like the head pastry chef job … that sea is gorgous! Just imagine the diving there 🙂

  • What an amazing opportunity for someone. I am sure that the job is demanding but the surrounding would definitely help ease the stress.

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