Seine Boat Cruise!!!

Included in our tuition at the Cordon Bleu is a lunch cruise along the Seine! Jeans, forbidden! Because the chefs were going to be wearing suits. Yet, when we should up, my favorite chef looked like he’d just been running in adidas running pants, sneakers, but then a white boating type sweater was thrown on top? haha

Word to the wise if you’re going on a boat cruise, sit on the side that doesn’t look sunny, especially if the boat is enclosed!!! Man was it hot until the boat turned around!


first course.. . a lot of smoked salmon. It was good but……

IMG_1494 IMG_1495

One of the three wines we had. This one was delicious!


View from the boat!


Veal with a side of cheesy mashed potatoes. SOOOOO good!!!!!


Some gorgeous ladies!


oh Jacob… Group pic!


The much analyzed strawberry tart for dessert. That pastry cream is messy and you’re not supposed to see it!

IMG_1511 IMG_1512

My country tis of thee. I see the Statue of Liberty!


Me and Chef Pascal. haha ah yes The one that showed up in Adidas running pants.


I’m loving having an espresso after I eat!! Freakin’ yummy!!


View of the Eiffel from the boat.



15 min roof top party afterwards at Edward’s before the neighbor’s complained!


w/ chips, salsa, and Sangria!!! Jenni… you know the way to my heart!!!


Chillin’ at the park after being kicked out of the apartment! haha too fun!

Awesome day!

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