Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN? I’ve got to admit it is probably my absolute favorite holiday and I’m more than happy (possibly a bit weirded out too for some reason) that Halloween is injecting itself into French culture. Halloween exhibit on the glass case of the butcher at the supermarket? hm interesting – but seriously loving it. Especially when it means running into carved full-sized pumpkins at the market. 😀

What’s my favorite thing about this holiday? I think it’s the customs that surround it. For my family, it meant pizza before trick-or-treating or Halloween-themed food like breadsticks made into witches fingers. There were elaborate (cute) decorations like the “body” on our dining room table that had dry ice placed ever so perfectly below so the fingers of mist would curl up and around the table to the delight of the people that passed by our house and caught the sight through the dining room window. One year we even strung up a motion-sensitive ghost from a tree limb in the front yard that would make “ghostly noises” when activated. We hid below the window frame in the dining room where the string came into the house and lay in wait for trick-or-treaters to pass by before wildly swinging the ghost back and forth. We even got rather sophisticated, hiding the ghost in a pile of leaves for even more dramatic effect.

Fast forward to this year where the Frenchman found me cackling over vampire skeleton cookies in the kitchen. I’m still laughing about them. They’re just too hilarious!

To make them, you get a little headstart on Christmas, but why not eat gingerbread now?! This is the recipe I used: 15 Minute Gingerbread Cookie Dough. I halved it – which made about 32 cookies.

Bake, allow to cool, and then make some royal icing. The easiest way to do this- and how I learned how to make it at a pastry shop in Paris- is to add powdered sugar to an egg white until it’s the right texture. Of course, use pasteurized eggs, and keep in mind who you’ll be serving it to. Otherwise, meringue powder is the way to go – just follow the instructions on the package. I dyed a bit black for the eyes and other features and made a little blood red as well. Et voila! Decorate, let out to dry overnight, and you’ve got the CUTEST cookies. Like seriously.

And…the more ridiculous looking the better. ~Happy Halloween!


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