Strawberry Rosemary Charlotte

Strawberry Rosemary Charlotte

Imagine a Strawberry Shortcake in a layered cake format and you’re just about there. Introducing the Strawberry Rosemary Charlotte!

After snagging an entire plaque of strawberries I got to baking in the kitchen of the lovely home in the 16th arrondissement I was watching.

Whipped cream infused with rosemary mixed with fresh strawberry puree and whole strawberries to make a mousse and encased with handmade and pipped lady fingers. Then all of this is topped with a little lady finger hat and more fresh strawberries.

Let’s take a peak inside shall we!

Strawberry Rosemary Charlotte Interior

oh Spring do I love thee!

Strawberry Rosemary Charlotte Overhead Shot

As the interior mousse can be made with any kind of fruit puree this one is great to have at any season- Pear Charlotte? Apple Charlotte? ohhh ya!

Bon app!

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