Super Marche Excitement!

I conquered the weigh your fruit/veg and have the guy put a sticker on it station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might have been walking through the grocery store afterwards grinning because I’ve bombed it every single time until now.

Let’s back up though. The French are very particular about how things should be done. The super market is no different. Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed:

When checking out, items, even if they are in a basket, have to be taken out of the basket and placed on the moving conveyor belt, but only when the one plaque separating your stuff from the next persons has been moved to divide it.

Avoid eye contact with other customers. haha no really.

Grocery Shopping in Paris

And then there’s the weighing area. There are three scales with a person behind them that has every produce number memorized. Here’s how it goes. Utilize every single scale, placing the items all at once- one on each scale, then moving them off, after a sticker is placed on them, as quickly as possible. Then put down the others. You can only weigh things that are not priced by the item. So- when you’ve got 10+ items to weigh it can get a bit hairy! Talk about hand coordination!! It kind of becomes a game. Place, take off, switcheroo, take off, keep everything separated, only weigh the right things. ya I did that!!!!! bahahaha The weighing person got a big smile afterwards and I almost skipped away. almost.

Forget to weigh something? They stop the checkout line while you go to get it weighed and ticketed. 🙂 agh!! Ah France… hahaha

Now to figure out the yogurt section. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH YOGURT IN MY LIFE. This is literally one third of the section. I don’t know if I’m terrified or excited to find the one I like.

Yogurt Aisle in Paris

Awesome day in Paris 🙂

3 thoughts on “Super Marche Excitement!”

  • Ahhh the supermarket. Tell me something, are you really supposed to wait until the customer in front of you puts the little divider thingy on the belt before you unload your grocery? I follow your next tip (don’t make eye contact) so I don’t know if people are glaring at me when I just start putting my groceries on the belt when there’s space. Sometimes I even grab the divider myself! Thanks for linking up! #allaboutfrance

  • Oh that is another thing!! The divider – I always just wait until the checkout person moves it or if it’s on the side, I’ll grab it myself. haha! So many cultural norms that you never think about!

  • I am terrible at remembering to get stuffed weighed as I don’t have to at my usual supermarket but I do at most others and ALWAYS forget! I must admit though I have never had divider problems up here in Normandy. #AllAboutFrance

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