Tarte au Cantal et aux Tomates

Tarte au Cantal et aux Tomates

As we near the end of summer it’s all about making use of all those great vegetables! Including tomatoes! I went to the market the other day and picked up loads and loads of tomatoes in all different sizes and colors for a traditionally French tart called a Tarte au Cantal.

It’s super easy to make with a short ingredients list- the most important being some beautifully ripe tomatoes and a gorgeous semi-soft cheese.


The original recipe calls for Cantal cheese but my local fromagerie was out so they suggested Salers (which is actually commonly confused with Cantal) and I added in q block of Comte (because comte is always delicious). Any cheese that is more on the salty side and will melt well will work for this though.


Essentially what you do is par-bake a pie crust and then top with the grated cheese, the tomatoes that have been de-seeded and sliced then, and then sprinkle on herb de Provence (or fresh basil), and salt and pepper. Then bake until the cheese is melted, the crust is golden, and the tomatoes look slightly roasted (they won’t get burnt on the edges like a traditional roast because the temperature isn’t high enough).

Tarte au Cantal et aux Tomates

Pate Brisee/Pie Crust

Cheese – Cantal/Comte/Salers – enough to liberally coat the bottom of your dish and then some

Sliced Tomatoes + cherry tomatoes

Herbs (herb de Provence, fresh basil)

Slice tomatoes and remove as much of the liquid as possible, including the seeds.

Prebake the pie crust (pricked, in a non greased pie dish or other pan) at 190C for 15 minutes until slightly brown. Add shredded cheese, to completely cover the bottom well. Top with the tomato slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and herbs.

Bake at 190C until crust is golden, cheese is melted and tomatoes are well cooked. The timing will depend on the size but expect about 30-45 minutes.

Enjoy with a nice salad and a cold glass of white wine!


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