Thanksgiving Prep in the Wilkinson Household

I chatted with my mom over Skype a couple of days ago to interview her about our family’s dressing recipe that we have had every year for as long as I can remember. While I was talking to my mom they were preparing for a snowstorm which in Texas means about a centimeter of sleet or snow and that everyone will go bonkers and buy everything in the grocery stores. Well my mom the ever preparer for Thanksgiving (we’ll get into that later), had gone to the store that morning to get all necessities that could be bought before the mad rush later in the week. Well with the snowstorm, wait, “snowstorm”, everything was gone. I received a report of the sad state of what remained from the ingredients they wanted to buy: three moldy yellow onions, one last bunch of carrots, and soft oranges. It was very sad. A grave situation with Thanksgiving just a couple days away.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

Preparations for Thanksgiving begin a month in advance in my family. There is a Thanksgiving recipe folder with years of meticulous magazine clippings and notes and a schedule to abide by. The table is decorated at the beginning of November with the sole purpose that then it can be enjoyed the whole month.

Thanksgiving Table 2012


A couple weeks before the fridge/freezer/pantry are cleaned out to make room for the ingredients needed for the dinner. Staples (flour, sugar, butter, etc.) that can last several weeks are bought at the beginning of the month. A grocery list is made with all ingredients needed and then divided up by what can be bought in advance and what needs to be bought at the last minute. The stores are absolutely crazy the day before Thanksgiving so we try to go two days before for any fresh ingredients including the Turkey. Then we still have the day of for any of those last minute- yikes! I forgot cream moments. haha! Because let’s face it, I ALWAYS forget an ingredient. Just one. But an integral one. Thanks dad for running to the store. 😀

Why not buy the Turkey earlier? Because it takes up a lot of space in the fridge, and the grocery store can keep it at a cooler temperature.


So that gets us to two-three days before Thanksgiving. Pies are always made the day or two before. My fav, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, can actually be made even further in advance and frozen. I wrote down the recipe for y’all last year. 😀

Thanksgiving Rolls 2013

The day before: Rolls are made and allowed to rise in the oven overnight. The turkey is brined. Cornbread and Biscuits for the stuffing are made and actually left out to dry out. Curious!

The day of: Turkey in the oven! Then we make the remaining recipes that weren’t made the days before! We usually eat about 4pm then take a little bit of a break and eat PIE! nom!

Cranberry Sauce- Thanksgiving Individual Green Bean Casseroles- Thanksgiving

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Prep Days! 😀

All pics are from last years Thanksgiving in Texas!

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