The 20 Days of Holiday Treats: Day 2 Stained Glass Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees

It’s the sixth day of December and Christmas decorations are in full swing at home and at the office. I personally cut out about 30 snowflakes to exchange for the swarm of bats still hanging from Halloween above our desks.

Hey- no judging. They were REALLY cool. So cool you leave them up for a month after Halloween. and having just put them up one day before Halloween we decided to leave them up past the date. obviously. It’s not that we were lazy or anything.

Today’s treat is a super easy one that generates a pretty neat result- Stained Glass Sugar Cookie Trees. I bet it would be perfect to do with kids too!

I got the idea from Martha Stewart’s Cookie Cookbook. I actually didn’t use her sugar cookie recipe. Instead I recommend using The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe. It’s made for cookies like this.

Here’s what you do!

Stained Glass Sugar Cookie Trees

Idea from Martha Stewart Cookies.

The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

Crushed Jolly Ranchers

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe, roll out and stick it in the fridge to chill.

Meanwhile, crush some Jolly Ranchers making sure to keep the colors separated. A quick smack from a hammer was all these needed! Holiday stress reducer- yes!

Cut Christmas tree shapes or other fun holiday shapes out of the dough (ornaments would be cute). Transfer to a parchment lined cookie sheet. Then cut out large areas to fill with the crushed Jolly Ranchers to melt for a stained glass effect.

Bake at 325 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until edges start to brown. Let cool then transfer to a rack.

Stained Glass Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree Cookie Tips:

  • I found that it works best with large areas. When the filled area is smaller, a lot of the candy will just stick to the inside of the cut area.
  • Fill the area with a large amount of crushed candy.
  • If when removing from the oven there are holes in the stained glass, quickly fill with more crushed candy. It will melt on the hot pan as the cookies cool.
  • These taste great! and are so festive!

Happy Holidays!

To check out other recipes head here: The 20 Days of Holiday Treats. Let me know if you have any ideas for Holiday treats that should be featured too!

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