The Most Romantic City in Germany

The Most Romantic City in Germany

In January the Frenchman and I had a couple of days off and time for a little trip so my thoughts immediately turned to Germany, a country I’d never visited! It took just about two seconds of research to discover that the most romantic city in Germany was but an hour and a half drive away – so the decision was made: we were going to Heidelberg!



Our timing visiting this little German town couldn’t have been more perfect. We arrived on a Monday, the day after the ice skating rink closed and weeks after the Christmas Markets had shutdown, to a town devoid almost completely of tourists and covered in snow.



It was magical and full of funny little moments – like the spinning self-cleaning toilet seat covers encountered at a rest stop just after we crossed the border into Germany or standing on one of the oldest bridges in Germany after an incredible dinner laughing and staring into each other’s eyes. There were snowflakes dancing around us and the lights of cute multicolored houses twinkling in the river below, our noses were cold but our bellies were happy and our hearts were smiling.


There isn’t too much to do in Heidelburg except for wander a bit down the longest pedestrian street in Europe, see the Castle, eat German food, and if you’re interested, walk the Philosopher’s Path (which eh, didn’t bring too many philosophical thoughts to our heads but sure did offer great views of the city). I think towns like these make for the best quick trips though. There are no pressures of planning certain things and the focus is on enjoying each other’s company and discovering a different city together.

It was beautiful and romantic and it was our “first” real trip together. 🙂


Heidelberg, Germany Recommendations:

Stay: Heidelberg Suites Boutique Hotel 

Neuenheimer Landstrasse 12, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

The service was excellent and the rooms and waiting area were absolutely gorgeous. They even scrapped the snow off Francois’ car before we left!

*A huge thank you to Cara Sharratt Travel for the recommendation. She is fabulous if you’re looking for a travel agent in Europe! Contact her at:

Eat: Wirtshaus Zum Nepomuk

Obere Neckarstraße 2, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Located right near the Old Bridge, this place was great for German food. At one point we were the only people in the restaurant! I think because it was Monday and because we had gone 8:30pm, a normal time to eat in France- but maybe not so in Germany?


Do: Heidelberg Castle

It’s up on the hill so just make your way in that directions (you’ll see it 😉 )

The castle was pretty impressive to see and so were the views. If you want to see the reconstructed inner rooms, make sure you book a rather speedy tour by a not very enthusiastic guide because that’s the only way you’ll see them. Maybe more interesting is just walking around the ruins and checking those out though.


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