The Ultimate French Macaron course contains more than 2 hours of filmed step-by-step lessons walking you through the ins and outs of making French macarons.

Become an at-home Macaron Expert

We'll be with you every step of the way with all the tips & tricks you need to succeed.

The Exact Tools & Ingredients You Need

Having the right equipment makes all the difference. We'll tell you exactly which tools to get.

Lifetime Access

To all course material and any future updates that are made so you can watch and rewatch as much as you want.

Learn how to make perfect French Macarons in your own kitchen!

A look at Some of the Recipes in the Course

Ready to get Macaron Mastering?

What's Inside?

Broken down into 2-10 minute segments

2+ Hours of Professionally Filmed Videos

Get ready to push play, pause, rewind, and play again with professionally filmed videos showing all the close ups and textures from getting that batter just perfect, to how to pipe a beautiful macaron.
Plus an in-depth Troubleshooting Guide

An eBook with more than 35 Recipes

Flip through tons of macaron flavor options and have fun creating your own with tips for how to change the shell and filling flavors, and even make macaron ice cream sandwiches!
In-depth How-to for making the Shells

Learn the French & Italian Method

The cookies (shells) that sandwich the filling are the hardest part of making macarons. In this course we show two methods: French Meringue & Italian Meringue, and the benefits of each!
Question Submission Option

Send us any questions you have!

For the first 3 months after purchase, submit any questions you have (including photos & videos) to Molly and her team for detailed feedback. We're here to support you every step of the way!

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The Different Sections in the Course

Course Overview + Recipes

Course Overview

eBook with 35+ Recipes

Macaron Tools & Equipment List

French & Italian Meringue Methods Overview

Equipment + Ingredients

Macaron Equipment Walk Through

The Ingredients You'll Need

Tips for Preparing & Measuring Egg Whites

Scale Tutorial

The French Meringue Shell Method

Intro to the French Meringue Shell Method

Making the French Meringue

Coloring the Meringue

Adding the Almond Flour & Powdered Sugar

Checking the Batter Texture

The Italian Meringue Shell Method

Italian Meringue Intro

Making the Italian Meringue in a Stand Mixer 

Making the Meringue with a Hand Mixer

Testing the Meringue & Adding the Dry Ingredients

Mixing Together the Batter in a Mixer



Piping Macarons


Preparing the Piping Bag

Piping on Parchment Paper & Silpat Mat

Next Steps Before Baking

Decoration Techniques Before Baking

Baking the Macarons


How to Know When They're Done

The Wiggle Test

Filling the Macarons

Adding the Filling & Assembling

Filling Options & Methods

Decorating the Shells After Baking

Storage & Make Ahead

How to Best to Store Your Macarons

What Can Be Made In Advance

Troubleshooting & More

Troubleshooting Overview

In-Depth Troubleshooting PDF

What Can (& Should!) Be Adjusted

Macaron Sizing & Baking Times

Rain/Humidity Tips

Changing it Up

The Tie Dye Shell Technique

3D Macarons

Making Different Colored Macarons in 1 Batch

Changing the Shell Flavors


Final Thoughts + Ask Away!

Final Takeaways

Submit Your Questions - use this section to send us any questions you have complete with supporting pictures & videos

Ready to start making some Macarons?

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Meet your Macaron Master!

Hello! I'm Molly!

My French Macaron journey has been a long one! In 2013, I packed my bags and headed to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to get my pastry certification. In one of our classes, I made macarons for the very first time. Before that, as I'm American, my baking centered on making cookies, cakes, and cupcakes! Macarons were intimidating!

That class opened the doors to making thousands and thousands of macarons. When I graduated, I returned to Texas and one of my jobs was working the macaron station where I made 1,000-1,500 per day! My piping got really good as did my skill set.

Fast forward several years and I'm back in France, this time teaching. One of my most popular classes has always been French macarons and so far I've taught 100s of bakers how to successfully make them at home.

This course was the ultimate brain download sharing all of the tips and tricks I've learned (and only the ones that matter!) over years of mastering this recipe. I'm so excited to share it with all of you!


Here's a look at one of the sections in the course!

It will be love at first bite if...

  • you've been wanting to master macarons (whether it's your 1st or 30th time making them)
  • you want macarons at your fingertips all the time! hello freezer-full!
  • you're excited to try new recipes

Questions? We have answers!

I love baking, but I’ve never made French Macarons. Is this course for me?
Oui, oui! This course is so in-depth that it’s great for any level. I’ll be walking you through how to make macarons using normal kitchen equipment from choosing the ingredients to storage and everything in between.

Every little detail has been thought through to provide the most amount of explanation as possible so you feel confident making them.
Are ingredient substitutions available for dietary needs?
Yes! French Macarons are naturally gluten free - check! check! As are pretty much all of the fillings. For dairy-free alternatives for the fillings, it’s easy to use vegan butter when needed or coconut cream. For any other substitutions or questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
How long do I have access to feedback on my questions?
Within the course, you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on any questions you have through a portal in the course for 12 weeks after the purchase date.
How long do I have access to the lessons?
You have lifetime access to the lessons, recipes, all the course material, and any updates we make. Whoo!
How is this Macaron Course different from the others you have done in the past?
This is a (newly filmed) course with more than 2 hours of step-by-step lessons walking you through the ins and outs of making French macarons. Included are the French & (NEW) Italian meringue methods for making the shells, how to pipe, whether Silpat or parchment paper is better, tips for troubleshooting and so much more.

You also gain access to an eBook with more than 40 recipes, a troubleshooting pdf to help you pinpoint any issues you are having, a section dedicated to changing up the macaron recipe either by flavor or size, and an option to submit any questions you have for 12 weeks!

It is more in-depth than what we’ve ever offered before in any of our French Macaron classes.
I have another question about the Ultimate French Macaron Course.
Excellent! You’re always welcome in my inbox. Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

What My Students Are Saying

"Macarons have always been in the "too hard" basket for me, yet I love them. My daughter gave me a class with Molly as a Christmas gift and so her sister and I joined for an informative and fun couple of hours, with a delicious result in the end. I am amazed that we made these!"

"My daughter and I had so much fun making macarons with Molly, and it was a way for us to connect with France & French culture. Molly is such a cheerful & patient teacher, I highly recommend!"

Anna M.
"Molly has such a great energy and she made is very easy to follow along and troubleshoot any problems. It really was the perfect treat, not only for me to spend a few hours learning a new recipe, but also for all my family who couldn't get enough of my macarons!"

"I am so delighted to have stumbled upon Molly's classes because baking from scratch is so much better and Molly shows just how uncomplicated it can be! Her joy is baking is absolutely infectious!"

Christa Z.
"All I can say is WOW! I have taken 5 classes with Molly so far and each one has been nothing short of exceptional! Molly gives you the confidence and guidance (as well as many tips and suggestions) to tackle your favorite French Pastry Desserts...especially the temperamental Macaron! Each class is well organized and Molly's set up makes you feel like she is standing right next to you in the kitchen!"

Lauren R.
"I have longed for years to learn the art of macarons and Molly has been the best teacher I could have asked for! Being a teacher myself, she does an exquisite job of teaching and helping others to create the best pastry they can, whether you bake along with her or take extensive notes like I do to make later."

Let's Get Baking!

I can't wait for the Macaron Magic to happen!

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BONUS: Live 1 Hour Q&A Session for the folks that sign up in April 2024.

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