Un Coup de Chance?

Last time we talked things were a bit hectic. I had a couple of days until the end of the month, had visited upwards of 10 apartments and still hadn’t found the one. Jerome of the mini house down a corridor between two apartment buildings emailed me back and unfortunately I was considering it. Don’t worry. I was convinced otherwise pretty easily. I just had to look at the picture of the place again. haha

Five days before I had to move out I had another rendezvous. Let’s call this number 12 because I’m starting to lose track. 😀 This one was in prostitute land (Strasbourg/St.Denis area). It actually wasn’t as bad as the first apartment I visited in the area. We only saw sexy ladies reading conversation starter books by the metro which I could technically avoid. We got to the apartment right on time (Tina was coming along as my translator. :-D). I called the lady and we waited. I texted. I sent her an email. We waited.. for 20 minutes. Then decided to get a bagel at the cute bagel sandwich place down the street. Just as we were checking out a frantic call from the owner- I’m so sorry!! I was running late! Can you come now?!” Twenty minutes later we were at the apartment and I was in love. Give me an all white apartment with wood flooring and exposed beams and I’m done for.


It looked even better than the picture. Here’s the thing though. I had to decide on the spot because she was leaving to move to Abu Dubai in a matter of hours. And unfortunately I was on the fence. She left for a couple minutes to give me time to think about it. The apartment was incredible-even the old man snoring across the courtyard was cute- but the prostitutes a couple streets away were giving me pause. I didn’t know if it would be safe walking home late at night. We decided to walk around and look at the area a bit more than come back and let her know. The landlady came back in and before we even had a chance to tell her we were still thinking, she said the guy before me took it. I’m still regretting not taking it today. :-/

Four days left and I was at school, majorly stressing, and thought, hmm let’s just see if they have any ideas. So I asked at the front desk and they actually had a person dedicated to helping students find housing. What?! And she was there, on a Saturday and I could go see her! Hopes high, I headed up the stairs and chatted with the lady. She first misunderstood me and thought I was looking for something in September, ha. When I said August, the conversation came to a standstill. August…. That’s in four days… hmmm A little thinking then! “Actually there’s a lady Madame C who has called every day for the past week.” A quick call and I had a rendezvous in 30 minutes at an apartment right down the street from where I currently lived. Bingo! Tina and I started walking over, hopes high! Was my search turning around?

As we got nearer to the address my excitement started to wane. A modern building…. Nooo! Yes this is ridiculous but I really wanted to stay in an old Parisian building. Up the elevator we went and wow, pleasant shock! A cute elderly lady met us, door wide open, huge smile on her face and the tour began. I would have my own room with a super comfy looking bed and desk. There were two Americans staying in the room to the right, she was in the room to the left. Hm. Nice shower/bathroom. Huge living room and kitchen that I would have access too. She would be gone August 1-23 and so would the other two Americans, so I would be alone. Hm.. The tour ended with a look at her cute grandkids including a 27 year old. Hmmm… I could stay as long or short as I wanted. Think about it she said and we headed out.

My options were slim. Very slim. House sit for an old lady, continue my search, and hope that once the end of the month came I had a place. Or microscopic mini house.

The next day I was just about talked into the retirement home and super depressed about it. Ya it was just for one month, might actually be really neat, but it was not at all what I was looking for.

Then I got an email- “Have you decided about the apartment?” oo which apartment was this! The one by the Madeline! Nice! The drawback- it was only available for a month and a half. So I would have to keep looking for an apartment starting mid-September. We set up a visit. I saw the place turned around and said yes in a matter of seconds!

I mean look at this view!!!!



The next day I saw a post on Facebook. “I’m leaving to live in Beirut for 6 months and need to rent my place starting in September.” Pounce! The exact time frame I was looking for. It was just two boulevards from the Champ de Mars too!! In my price range and looked cute (a little dorm roomy but I could work with it).

I have a RDV on Sunday so fingers crossed that this hunt will soon be over!

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