Virtual Pastry Classes

Join MollyJWilk LIVE online with a sweet escape to France and learn how to make fabulous French pastries! The classes are for all baking levels, taught in English, and full of helpful tips. You can bake along, or simply tune in and bake when you want!

For each class, you’ll receive the recipes, a list of equipment recommendations, and access to a private Facebook group to chat with your fellow bakers, share your creations, and ask any additional questions that come up.

Registration is per household, so you and your family or friends only need to buy one ticket if you are sharing a computer screen. Schedules are released one month before (ex. November classes are live at the end of September).

If you’re interested, you can buy gift cards HERE. Virtual classes will be a regular addition to the schedule and won’t be going away any time soon 😀

**All classes are at 7pm Paris | 1pm EST | 12pm CST | 10am PST and held on Zoom!

Interested in joining several? Enjoy 5€ off for booking 3 or more classes with the coupon code “StarBaker”.

For private virtual classes for your friends, family, or coworkers, click HERE for more information or email


Who knew that I could make a yummy tarte au citron?

5.0 rating
September 13, 2020

Molly is a great teacher. All of the steps were clearly explained. I understood what to do and how the dough/curd/meringue should look. While my tart shell had some minor issues -the tart held together and looked great! My friend and family were impressed! I’m looking forward to my next class.

Rebecca Maxson

Molly’s classes

5.0 rating
September 13, 2020

Molly is adorable and a great teacher ! Her classes are very organized and detailed therefore when using her recipes you will have great success !

Jennifer Mohana

So not a baker

5.0 rating
September 13, 2020

I am so not a baker. No patience. But I find Molly’s enthusiasm inspiring. So I am trying and actually having some success. So go figure. If you thought baking is not for you. Then this is your chance. And the icing on the cake 🎂 you get to go to France Give molly a try


And I thought I could never learn to bake!

5.0 rating
September 9, 2020

I’ve taken several of Molly’s classes. Although I’m a seasoned cook, I was never a baker. Molly’s classes are so much fun. Her tips and techniques are superb and help you create astonishing results…and extremely easily. Who would have thought that I would master pie crusts, lemon meringue tarts, puff pastry, and jelly rolls. The Frenchman’s Chocolate Mousse is to die for. She always provides those little tricks that take the baking to the next level. Thank you , Molly. My family thanks you too! Looking forward to my next classes.

Tanya Nargolwalla

Classes are SO much fun!

5.0 rating
September 1, 2020

I can’t even begin to explain how much my daughter and I loved Molly’s lemon tart virtual pastry class! My daughter is four years old, and while she has a great attention span, it’s really saying something that she was riveted for two whole hours (especially via Zoom, which has been a tough format for learning). Since the class last week, she has been hosting pretend baking classes with her kinetic sand and cookie cutters — it’s adorable, and it’s fair to say Molly made a wonderful impression! And of course the lemon tart was SO delicious.
We immediately signed up for another class. Now to add to my bucket list: taking one of Molly’s classes in France one day!

Rachel Brown