Virtual Pastry Classes

Join MollyJWilk LIVE online for a little sweet escape to France to learn how to make fabulous French pastries! The classes are for all baking levels, taught in English, and full of helpful tips. You can bake along, or simply tune in then bake when you want!

For each class, you’ll receive the recipes, a list of equipment recommendations, and access to a private Facebook group.

Registration is per household, so you and your family or friends only need to buy one ticket if you are sharing a screen. Schedules are released one month before (ex. November classes are live at the end of September).

You can buy GIFT CARDS HERE. Virtual classes are now a regular addition to the schedule and won’t be going away any time soon 😀


7pm Paris (1pm EST | 12pm CST | 10am PST) To see what time this would be in your timezone.. I like to use this website.

Interested in joining several? Enjoy 5€ off for booking 3 or more classes with the coupon code “StarBaker”.

For private virtual classes for your friends, family, or coworkers, click HERE for more information or email


Absolutely wonderful

5.0 rating
January 19, 2021

I have now taken 3 of Molly’s virtual classes (and have already signed up for my 4th) and I cannot get enough of them. If I could afford it I would take sooooo many more. Baking is my favorite hobby but I had never actually taken classes before and I am so glad this is where I started. She is so clear and helpful at every stage which makes it so easy to follow along and nail each bake. I absolutely love it and if she ever opens the Molly J Wilk Pastry School I will gladly sign up to be one of her first students 🙂

Megan Whobrey

Molly’s Pastry Classes

5.0 rating
January 18, 2021

I have taken several of Molly’s virtual pastry classes and each has been great! Molly breaks each pastry being made into easy to understand directions,
and makes certain those who are baking along get feedback, if they desire. Previous to each class she sends an email with recipes, instructions, grocery list, and a list of items needed for the class. She follows up each class with an email which includes reminder notes from the class. Molly’s personality is so much fun that it’s difficult to feel intimated by anything we’re doing. A huge thumbs up from me!!

Joann Blunt

Chef Molly is informative, effervescent and flat out fantastic!

5.0 rating
January 18, 2021

I’ve taken 5 classes with her and have signed up for 11 more! It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my own kitchen. Her fun, effervescent style is just perfect! She takes the time to answer all questions and with a bubbly , witty style that’s all her own. Her laugh is contagious and you wiz through making your masterpieces with a smile on your face. My husband said he has never eaten this good at home in his life. If you’re reading this online and wondering??? Just book that class and find out why so many of us come back time and time again.! Pastry school perfection!

Kelly Holcomb

Such a great teacher

5.0 rating
January 12, 2021

Chef Molly is awesome! I’ve taken two classes and have already signed up for two more. Best fun activities to do during pandemic! We made the most delicious French onion soup and pear cake, and Molly made it simple for us to follow along. She even managed to de-mystify puff pastry, which I never imagined I would be able to cook myself. I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in cooking, even if you are a beginner.

Mindy Littell

Macarons made simple!

5.0 rating
January 10, 2021

This is my third class with Molly, and the first macaron class. Molly’s cheerful and bright personality makes you feel like anything is possible. She is able to simplify a potentially intimidating recipe, highlights key points to keep in mind, and coaches the class along the way. She encourages questions and makes the virtual class interactive and forward moving. I highly recommend Molly’s classes!

Beth Greeley