Virtual Pastry Classes

Join MollyJWilk LIVE online with a sweet escape to France and learn how to make fabulous French pastries! The classes are for all baking levels, taught in English, and full of helpful tips. You can bake along, or simply tune in and bake when you want!

For each class, you’ll receive the recipes, a list of equipment recommendations, and access to a private Facebook group to chat with your fellow bakers, share your creations, and ask any additional questions that come up.

Registration is per household, so you and your family or friends only need to buy one ticket if you are sharing a computer screen. Schedules are released one month before (ex. November classes are live at the end of September).

If you’re interested, you can buy gift cards HERE. Virtual classes will be a regular addition to the schedule and won’t be going away any time soon 😀

**All classes are at 7pm Paris | 1pm EST | 12pm CST | 10am PST and held on Zoom!

Interested in joining several? Enjoy 5€ off for booking 3 or more classes with the coupon code “StarBaker”.

For private virtual classes for your friends, family, or coworkers, click HERE for more information or email


Tarte au Citron

5.0 rating
August 25, 2020

This was an excellent class, well-organized and FUN! Molly sent the recipe ahead of time and told us where we could purchase any special equipment. She not only demonstrated for us but dealt with individual issues we had. Enjoying the tart so much I just signed up for two more classes!

Charlotte Flowers

Tarte au Citron

5.0 rating
August 24, 2020

I had received this class as a birthday gift from my daughters. It just so happened that we were in San Francisco visiting one of the girls when the class took place. We had
so much fun doing it together.!
The recipe was beautiful. I had a little trouble getting the crust thin enough, but I thought that for the first time, it turned out nice. The meringue was luscious and held up well.
Thank you, Molly, for the fun morning. Your personality is infectious and certainly makes learning something new a lot of fun. Hopefully, I will be able to take more classes in the future!

Simone Dorcas

Molly exudes joy in her baking classes!

5.0 rating
August 24, 2020

My 13 year old son has taken several of Molly’s classes and they all have been fabulous! Not only is she a wealth of knowledge about all things pastry, it is evident that she is someone who loves what she does and this joy trickles into our kitchen, each time she pops up on our zoom screen! It has been super helpful that Molly shares the ingredients and recipes ahead of time, so we are able to prep and be ready to go when the class begins! Each time my son finishes one of Molly’s delightful classes, he asks me to sign him up for another!

Adina Kanner

I can make macarons!

5.0 rating
August 18, 2020

I took Molly’s Caramel Macaron class and IT WAS SO FUN AND USEFUL! Molly was a great teacher and really demystified the baking process. I’m not afraid of these project cookies anymore. Thank you Molly!

Tiffany Han


5.0 rating
August 18, 2020

I have longed for years to learn the art of macarons and Molly has been the best teacher I could’ve ever asked for! Being a teacher myself, she does an exquisite job of teaching and helping others during and after each class to create the best pastry they can whether you bake along with her or take extensive notes like I do to make later. After fourteen classes so far with many more to go and sign up for, they’re something I look forward to so much and I’m so grateful that I discovered Molly via Instagram in the spring. They have been an escape for me with not being able to travel abroad this year and will continue to be an escape throughout this unique school year. I can’t wait to take an in person class one day with Molly along with continuing her virtual pastry classes!

Lauren Reed