What To Expect In Versailles During The Olympics

What To Expect In Versailles During The Olympics

Considering visiting Versailles during the Olympics? Read our guide to learn what to expect and what to explore.

Do you plan to be in France during the Olympics? Visiting Versailles Castle (or Chateau de Versailles as we refer to it over here) promises to be an undeniably unique experience amidst the excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

The Palace, renowned for its historical significance and architectural splendor, will serve as a venue for the some of the games and is set to host special events and exhibitions as well. Visiting is guaranteed to offer visitors an exciting chance to immerse themselves in French history and culture while also witnessing the global phenomenon of the Olympics!

That said, navigating events, closures, and schedules in another country (much less another language!) can be complicated and confusing. But fear not! Keep reading and I’ll make it easy to enjoy your upcoming trip to Versailles during the Olympics! 🇫🇷

Why Visit Versailles During the Olympics?

Visiting Versailles during the Paris 2024 Olympics presents a unique opportunity to witness both sporting excellence and cultural heritage in one of France’s most iconic locations!

From July 26 to August 11, 2024, The Park at Versailles Palace will host occasional Olympic events and activities. This will showcase its grandeur against the backdrop of one of the world’s most significant sporting events.

While the city of Paris buzzes with Olympic activities, visiting Versailles during this time will also offer a serene retreat that is just a short distance away. It’s an ideal day trip for those seeking a blend of Olympic fervor and historical exploration!

Will The Versailles Castle be Open During The Olympics?

Access to the Palace, Gardens, and Estate of Trianon will remain unchanged from its regular schedule during the Olympics. But due to some Game events being held in the park of the Estate of Versailles, certain areas are not accessible to the public and some types of transportation will be limited. Vehicle access will not be permitted to the entire estate from July 27th – August 11th and then again from September 3rd – 7th.

Luckily, the Palace has made it easy to keep track of the closures with a series of image maps showing what to expect from June – September!

In the below 6 images the areas of the Park shown in blue are reserved for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will be unavailable to visit accordingly

June 10-24 map of Versailles during the Olympics
June 25-July 26 map of Versailles during the Olympics
July 27-28 map of Versailles during the Olympics
July 29-August 5 map of Versailles during the Olympics
August 6-September 1 map of Versailles during the Olympics
September 2-15 map of Versailles during the Olympics

What Olympic Events Will Be Hosted In Versailles?

Horses have a long history with the French Court in Versailles so it’s no surprise that The Park is to be the host venue for equestrian events and the modern pentathlon at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games!

Two eventing disciplines will take place in Versailles – a dressage test and a showjumping test – as will the dressage and showjumping competitions for both the Olympics and Paralympics.

Lastly, the individual and team cross-country eventing tests will take place by the Grand Canal, while the five events of the modern pentathlon (swimming, fencing, riding, running and shooting) will also be held at the Palace of Versailles!

Want more information? Check out the 2024 Olympics official page on this link.

Need Help Getting To Versailles from Paris?

Well, you are in luck! We have a whole blog dedicated just for that! Check out our step-by-step directions for how to get to Versailles from Paris.

Even More Tips For Visiting Versailles During The Olympics?

On the days of the Olympic events, transport systems and the city of Versailles may even more crowded than usual. Our best advice is to plan ahead and arrive early. Check out all our other helpful Versailles tips and tricks on the links below!


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