What’s Been Going On the Last 2 Months in Paris!

I cheered on the runners at the Paris Marathon!

Paris Marathon


Had a very awkward date with a Frenchman in Montmartre.



Ate way too many crepes at the best place EVER. Aup’tit Grec on Rue Moufftard.

Paris Crepes La Petit Grec


Admired Paris in the rain.

Paris in the Rain

Puzzled over American Sauce in the supermarket.

American Heinz Sauce

Spent a couple of days in Spain soaking up some rays with Jen. And then peeled for three solid weeks. haha


Was introduced to a cup of espresso following a big meal by a Frenchman. Best. Thing. Ever. And that it is a-ok to add one full stick of sugar.

Espresso in Paris

Spring came in Paris but it was still 50 degrees. yuck.

Spring in Paris

Had an epic picnic to celebrate Jenni’s Birthday complete with a British cake.

Jenni's 26th Bday Picnic


Of course I did some baking. Lots of baking!

Orange and Chocolate Tarts


Caught Tonsillitis. Twice.


Picnicked under the Notre Dame.

Seine Picnicing


Went on a little jaunt around Versailles with Sarah. Side stepping sun showers as we went.



Puttered around Paris with some amazing guests. 🙂

485872_10100318357785424_1073572665_n 559417_10151705337348072_849422477_n 604014_10151705337893072_80998145_n


And perfected the French mustache. 🙂 *Insert French laugh*


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