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Qu’est-ce qui se passe au Texas? I haven’t been writing too many personal blog posts lately! You’ll know fairly soon why…. To recap- I’ve been back in the US since mid-March, about 4 1/2 months now. Just crazy! It seems like it’s been so much longer. I’ve actually wanted to write so many blog posts about this and haven’t. They’ve been started and then dismissed, thinking maybe this is something I didn’t want to share. But it weighs on me almost every day. Re-acclimation is hard. Not as hard as going to a completely new country and starting a life in a new language. But really difficult. The plus about going somewhere new is the intrigue- everything is new and interesting, the culture has it’s quirks that you end up loving, there’s new things to see and do, and the list goes on. Returning? Obviously there’s the highs of seeing friends and family, ugh and my Nut (oh how I missed him!!!!!). And just mention Mexican food! Je l’adore! mais! It’s so easy to fall back as things were. Even though a year has passed, maybe some new restaurants have popped up, road construction has been everlasting with many workers, cranes and trucks passing by with their big logos and websites like https://constructionskillstest.com plastered on the work sites, and there are lots of new people to meet- but otherwise, it’s just as I left it. It’s comforting, easy, but also difficult because I’ve changed so much in the past year.

Here’s the silly thing, what boggled my mind the most on one of the first days coming home? Well besides the sudden change back to my mother tongue? I was super excited to visit Target. Don’t judge! I LOVE Target. But when I got there, the people handing out samples got on my nerves! The sheer amount of choice threw me for a loop and the size of the shampoo bottles… God-send. You mean I don’t have to go to the store every 2-3 weeks to buy shampoo? ahh!!! It was weird little things. I wanted to walk more. I loved my reusable grocery bags that fit in my purse. It seemed that everyone was always wearing workout clothes. Noise levels were louder. But really that lasted just a week before things were back as they were.

But oh do I miss France. The cheese. The people. The pastries. The history. The walking! The language. Nibbling on a baguette.

I was describing to my mom the difference between American and French desserts the other day. Americans, we love simple straightforward things- give me a chocolate chip cookie and I’m happy! The French, they love the surprise, the indulgence when going for a treat. Layers upon layers of flavors. A pocket of something or other hidden inside of something else. A crunch here or there.  Differences. I love both. I’ll always be on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, but in my mind I’ll be thinking of an elaborate mousse concoction.

Caught between two worlds. Something that I guess just happens after you’ve lived in another culture and one that you identify with so much. Is it bad? no. But confusing and there’s always a pull to be in one culture or the other.

So I’ve kept busy. Crazy busy. Keep my mind off things busy. I have far too many jobs. Five to be exact.

How is that even possible?! I work my desk job 2.5 days per week, at a cheese shop (yay cheese!) 1 day every weekend or so, and at a bakery Wednesday and Friday. I’m also taking custom orders (I have three this week) and working as needed for catering and such at a B&B (I delivered granola bars for the city mayor’s retreat this morning!!!). My goal is to learn as much as possible, bake a crazy amount, and keep my ears open for ways to return to France long term or short-term. And Jess and Vincent would probably appreciate it if I eventually picked up the four bags of clothes and things I left at their apartment. 😀


Have something you’d like me to talk about on the blog? Let me know! toffeebitsandchocolatechips(at)gmail.com!


Merci a vous et bon fin de semaine!


**Je prends les cours de français aussi maintenant, y compris un classe de littérature. Le professer a leur demandé -on a écrié un poème! – j’ai choisi écrire un poème d’aubergine. hahaha! Pour quoi pas! haha Bien- c’était mon premier mot en francais outre “bonjour” etc. 😀 Un petit histoire pour vous. 😀 haha




2 thoughts on “What’s Up in Tejas!”

  • Hi Molly! I just came across your blog and am loving all your posts. I can particularly relate to your love of French culture. I’m currently debating whether I want to attend LCB Paris for the grand diplome program. I’ve toured the FCI in NYC as well, but my heart seems to gravitate towards Paris. It’s reassuring to see that you’ve had such good experiences. I’ll be checking back here regularly for your updates! 🙂

  • Hey Beeta! Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any questions about LCB- happy to help! I had an amazing time there. 😀

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